26 September 2016

Buying On Depop

Just recently I downloaded the Depop app onto my phone and signed up to it as I kept on hearing really good stuff about it. If you haven't already heard of Depop, I'm sure you have though, then it's basically a website where you can both buy and sell all different items that you no longer want.

After having a browse through the Depop app I came across one item that I absolutely loved. It was a side-cross necklace and was priced at just £1.50 and that was including postage aswell, so I headed straight for that purchase button and paid for said item.

So there was me all happy that this item was now officially mine as I had paid for it and eagerly awaited my necklace in the post......which I ended up having to wait ages for!

I paid for it on the 7th September and only received it last week!

Although there was a little note inserted with the necklace apologising for the delay, I still think if your gonna sell stuff on these sites then you should at least post when you say your going to.

So all in all the only downside I had with my first experience of buying on Depop, was that I ended up having to open a dispute to actually receive my item and this was because the seller kept putting off sending it to me. After the dispute was open for 2 days the seller then sent me what I had paid for.

I have just recently put my first item up for sale on Depop, so if you would like to check it out to see what I'm selling then you can by clicking on the link below:

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