13 September 2016

Baking Welsh Cakes

If there's one thing i love more than anything then it's definitely got to be baking! When I lived in Wales I used to always be in the kitchen baking at least twice a week, but since moving back to London I've literally had no time to bake at all. Plus the kitchen in this house is so small it's unreal.....I hate it as there's no sides big enough to roll pastry or anything out on, I have to do it all out on the table in the dining room.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted/needed to learn how to make Welsh Cakes as these are one of my favourite things ever.....and my mums aswell. I decided to attempt to make these as I've looked everywhere to buy them and can't seem to find them anywhere, surely Wales isn't the only place you can buy them?!

So my mum managed to get a "tried + tested" recipe from someone she knows and gave it to me so I could attempt to make these famous welsh cakes myself. The recipe came from my mums mates husband who is welsh so definitely had to trust him on this recipe haha.

And judging by these pictures and how they tasted I think I did a bloody good job even if I do say so myself! I will definitely be making more of these very soon as they didn't last long in our house with how good they tasted. Hopefully I will get back into the baking spirit very soon and be baking other stuff to that I can share with you here on Nail-Beauty-Life.

If you would like the recipe for these, then please do let me know in the comments section below and I will do a completely separate post with the recipe and a step by step instructions :-)

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