23 August 2016

Skin Therapy Skincare

Skin Therapy

Just before I left to go away for 4 days I was in Wilkinson's getting a few bits and noticed this range of skincare products that I had never seen before, so of course me being me I decided to pick a couple of there bits up to try out and see just how good it was.

The thing that I noticed first was that it was all for sensitive skin which I instantly liked the sound of as my skin can be very sensitive at times, and I can break out really easily if I put something harsh on it.

The products I picked up were:
- Sensitive Skin Cleanser
- Sensitive Skin Toner
- Sensitive Skin Light Hydrating Moisturiser
- Sensitive Skin Gentle Facial Scrub
- Sensitive Skin Light Fragranced Face Wipes x2

I started using these products straight away and noticed a difference within 2 days of using them, the products weren't harsh on my skin at all. The moisturiser left my skin feeling soft and hydrated throughout the whole day.

Skin Therapy

By the time the day arrived for our 4 day break down in Leysdown my face was looking clearer than it had done in ages, so I decided to take a risk and took just the moisturiser and a packet of the face wipes with me......as lets face it 6 of us in 1 caravan doesn't give you much time in the 1 bathroom to do a full skincare routine everyday haha.

I had already decided that I wasn't taking anything make-up wise with me as I wanted to give my skin time to breath with nothing on it apart from from the Skin Therapy Light Moisturiser, I didn't even take my trusted JoJoBa Oil with me either!

And the best thing about this range of skincare?
Its the price of it.......every single item mentioned in this post was under the £1 mark!

Which just goes to show that you don't need to splash out on expensive products to find a brand that works for you.

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