3 August 2016

New Theme & Trouble With Disqus!

So as you may already be able to tell, I have added a bit of colour into Nail-Beauty-Life finally....It's only taken me like forever as I've always preferred minimal black & white coloured layouts.

It's still not 100% done yet, as still got a few things to tweak here and there but I will get there over the next few days or so, I just couldn't wait any longer before getting it up on my blog.

Now this is where I may need your help if you can help that is.....

After installing this layout onto my blog, the Disqus comments on my blog have randomly stopped showing up, I've re-installed Disqus through there website but am still having no luck.

So what I'm basically asking is, is there anyone this has happened to before and how did you fix it? Because at the moment I've got no comment section under my blog posts (or at least it ain't showing up for me anyhow).

If you know how to fix this then please email me at claire-joanne@outlook.com , or message me over on twitter @claireyjo

Update: I've now managed to fix the Disqus comment section, so it should all be working fine now.

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