27 August 2016

iPhone Photo Diary #4


Another month = Another iPhone Photo Diary

So Here Goes...

1 - This is a photo of me and 2 of my nephews Charlie and Henry, this was taken on the beach down in Leysdown when we went away for 4 days. I have already had this photo printed and framed for my bedroom wall, and it will always be special to me as its the first picture Charlie has ever had done with me (Charlie is my brother-in-laws son but I will always class him as my full nephew no matter what). 

2 - next up is my cat Shadow she recently had a little operation to stop her from having anymore kittens as we think 1 litter is enough. She is all back to her normal self now and loves nothing more than to sunbathe on the roof outside my bedroom window.

3 - Then there's this black and white self portrait of myself, since getting my new camera I've been learning how to different types of photo's and am surprised at how much there is to learn when it comes to editing but I'm loving every minute of it. I brought 3 photography books and have learnt loads from these so far.

4 - This is my favourite candle to burn at the minute its a clementine and honey scent and it smells gorgeous, I currently have it burning away on the shelf next to me as I type this. I picked this up in Primarks and only paid £1.00 for it as it had a reduced sticker on it, Primark do some lovely candles and will definitely be buying more from there at some point.

5 - This is a photo of me and my niece Daisy it's one of the few that Daisy isn't pulling silly faces in. It was taken with my new Canon camera and i love how high quality it came out, definitely one to be framed!

6 - So I decided to give Henry a nice chocolate biscuit when he was down at mine and my god did he get in a mess with it. It was all in hes hair, down hes nappy and over he's legs and arms, but he enjoyed it so that's all that matters.

7 - I have recently got back into watching YouTube videos and have been loving catching up on all the channels that I'm subscribed to. I usually put a video on whilst I'm getting ready for the day....which means it then takes me 3 times longer to get ready than usual haha.

8 - These are just a little selection of postcards that I picked up whilst down in Leysdown, I'm thinking of doing a "photo" blog post soon of just some of the photos that I took whilst down there. If this is something you would like to see then do let me know in the comments below.

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