15 August 2016

Bit of an update.....

white roses, white, roses

For today's blog post I thought I would give you all a little update on a few things.

Photography: I recently upgraded my Kodak AZ251 camera to a Canon Rebel T1i with changeable lenses, It's not the latest version but thought it would do me well until I've learnt to use the lenses properly. My photo's have already improved massively which is mainly down to learning through photography books that I've purchased aswell as watching tutorials on YouTube aswell.
[the picture above was taken with my new camera]

OCD: My ocd has been in overdrive big time the last week or so, this is down to my cat having a little operation to stop her from having anymore kittens. So this has meant she has had to have a cone on her head to stop her from biting the stitches and she has had to stay indoors for 7 days, and because she ain't been allowed to go out she has been knocking stuff off shelves in my room with her paws just to make mess and try to annoy me (sorry Shadow it didn't work....your still not going out till Thursday).

Holiday: Whilst you are reading this blog post, I am currently away for 4 days in Leysdown I haven't been away for ages so it's nice to have this little bit of time. It's gonna be nice being right by the beach and just generally having a relaxing time, I'm sure I'll be posting some pictures on my normal Instagram account "clairejoanne1986" and then maybe a blog post with a few pictures when I'm back. But other than that I'm just gonna take this time to enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Instagram: I've been failing miserably when it comes to posting on my blog's Instagram account, I think this is down to where I currently have a theme going on at the moment with a marble background. Which has then meant I ain't been able to post some of the pictures I've took, so I'm gonna try and find a different "white theme" to work with which will then mean a more variety of pictures over on Instagram.

So there it is a little update on just a few things and there is plenty more but I wanted to keep this post short for you, so I don't bore you to death by the end of it haha.

I'm back from Leysdown on Thursday so hopefully there will be another post up by Friday....Saturday at the latest as all i need to do for the next blog post is take the photo's for it as I completely forgot I hadn't done them, and just didn't have time before I left.


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