4 July 2016

Toni&Guy 3D Volumiser


If there's one thing I don't like about my hair then it's just how fine/thin my hair actually is. There's no point in me even trying to style my hair as the chosen style will always fall out within half hour of it being done.....

Do you ever see those "messy bun" pictures all over Instagram and wish for just once that your own hair would look like that? But when you try to do your own messy bun, it just looks like your hair is stuck flat to your head and you haven't washed your hair in about a week?!

Well all of the above just about sums up what my hair is like haha.
Right now back to the actual product Claire (you know the actual reason you decided to do this blog post!)

I actually got this Toni&Guy 3D Volumiser in the January sales which was now 7 months ago, oh how time flys. I actually wrote a blog post of what else came in this Toni&Guy set which you can read HERE.

So 7 months on and I finally decided to give this 3D Volumiser a try and see if it made any difference to my flat hair, and I must admit that I have fallen in love with this product!

What It Does: 3D Volumiser creates body and fullness from root to tip with a touch of shine.

How To Use: Mist on dry hair before styling then layer throughout.


When I used it for the first time I made sure my hair was 90% dry, I then sprayed this evenly throughout my hair before proceeding to dry my hair fully and then straighten it. It left my hair feeling and looking thicker and fuller than it did the day before and my hair stayed how I wanted it to all day.

The following day all I did was was brush through my hair and added a bit of dry shampoo to it just to freshen it up a bit and then I sprayed the 3D Volumiser through my hair again. I then went onto straightening my hair and putting it up into a messy bun, and shock horror it actually looked nice and had just the right amount of volume added to it.

I also love the little cap that comes with this bottle as once it is clipped back onto the bottle it cant be sprayed again, so if your staying out or have it packed away in a drawer (which mine no longer will be) it can't accidentally be sprayed and end up over everything.


I will definitely be purchasing this product again as soon as this bottle runs out as I've finally found something that helps with my fine fly away hair.

If i had to rate this product out of 10 I would give it a 8/10 as I don't think I can give it a straight 10/10 yet just down to the fact that I've only used it a few times so far.


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