18 July 2016

iPhone Photo Diary #3

iPhone Photo Diary

Another month = Another iPhone Photo Diary

If you read my last "iPhone Photo Diary" then you will know that I said I was gonna do these kind of posts fortnightly.....and yes as usual Claire forgets haha.

So here goes the iPhone Photo Diary for the month of July, and hopefully there will be another one in 2 weeks time. I myself love reading these kind of posts as it shows a little insight to the person behind the blog name and what kind of stuff happens offline.

So Here Goes...

1 -  So here is a updated picture of me and is the one that I will be using across all of my social media accounts. I never usually post updated pictures of me as I usually hate the way I look, but I think its about time that I started to love and accept who I am no matter what other people may think.

2 - This is my nephew Henry's first time being able to sit up in a swing on he's own and hold on by himself aswell and he loved every minute of it. Henry has just recently started sitting up by himself at 7 months old so trips to the swing park can be more frequent now which is good.

3 - Next photo is my older nephew Louie who now lives with us 2 weeks of every month, so this week I decided it was time he learnt how to cook so I taught him how to make spaghetti bolognese and he even mixed it up a bit by adding some grated courgette into it.....and I must admit it tasted bloody lovely!

4 - Again this is my nephew Louie being a typical 10 year old boy haha, we went on a walk through the woods with the dog and he decided to climb a tree and then pose for a picture.....boys will be boys right?!

5 - This is one of the kittens that in the last iPhone Photo Diary had just been born, she is so fluffy and is a very hyper kitten. She will be leaving to go to her new home on the 31st July and has found a lovely home with a young military family, and next year she will be going to live with them in Cyprus for 5 years (as that's where the lady's husband is being located to)....what a lucky cat!

6 - This is the other kitten from the litter and loves nothing but to cuddle up on your lap of a night time, I'm sure she thinks shes a kangaroo the way she jumps about the house when she's playing with the other kitten. The other morning I even woke up to her sound asleep on the bottom of my bed and I've no idea how she even got up on the bed.

7 - I won't go into too much detail about this picture has I have a full blog post coming up soon on this product. But all I will say is Jojoba Oil is a new addition to my skincare routine and I'm in love with it!

8 - Tanya Bakes is one of my favourite baking books at the minute I even forgot that I had pre-ordered this and was rather surprised when it turned up in the post and was signed aswell. I have both of Tanya's books and think she is an inspiration to so many people right now, and I'm still undecided on what to bake first from this book as there's so much nice stuff in it.


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