24 June 2016

Keep Fit With Wii Fit & My Fitness Coach

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Keep Fit With Wii Fit & My Fitness Coach

These past few weeks I've really been taking an interest in keeping fit and doing more exercise, even if it means looking up workout routines on YouTube or printing out exercise routines from Pinterest.
I was thinking about maybe joining up to a gym but I'm not overly keen on exercising in front of loads of people where I'm not the most confident of people.

So I decided to purchase a Wii Console a few days ago and have finally got myself into a routine of getting up in the morning and doing at least 20 minutes on the Wii Fit and also 20 minutes of a night time, so all in all that's 40 minutes per day so far. I'm starting off with just 20 minutes at a time and will gradually build the time up to at least 1 hour over the next few weeks. I've done a few bits on the "My Fitness Coach"game, but I think that one is gonna take a while to build up on the exercises that you need to do it on.

Before buying the Wii Fit I had and still use my Jawbone Activity Tracking Wristband which basically tracks how many steps you do throughout the day, how many hours you sleep of a night and can also track what you eat if you input that on the app. So I was always making sure I was doing my 5000 steps each day (sometimes 10,000).

This next bit I wasn't sure whether to add into this blog post, but I am always honest in any post that I do so I am just gonna add it in here.

Over the last few months I have put on a little bit of weight but not much that's its noticeable to everyone, I've gone from a size 6-8 to a 8-10 which is what I was aiming for as I was finding where I wasn't eating much (sometimes just breakfast) I was constantly tired and it would also affect my headaches, so I knew I needed to do something to change that.

Now I just want to put it out there that I'm NOT trying to lose weight before I get people telling me size 8-10 is normal, I am completely happy with how I am and what size I am, I just want to tone up a little bit and feel better about myself and eat more healthily if you can understand what I mean.

If you like keeping fit by exercising regularly and know of some healthy recipes I can try out then please do let me know in the comments section below :-)


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