9 June 2016

iPhone Photo Diary #2

Can you believe that I haven't done one of these iPhone Photo Diary's since july 2015! I never even realised myself until I was going through some old blog post's last night, I think I'm gonna start making these into fortnightly blog posts now. As I have so many photo's on my iPhone that don't always make it onto my Instagram account.

In each of the "iPhone Photo Diary's" I will be sharing 8 different photo's with you that unless your on my personal Facebook account, you wouldn't get to see these otherwise.

So Here Goes....

1 - This is a random Snapchat picture of me and my niece Daisy mucking about and being silly with all the filters that are now available on Snapchat, we love messing about with them and seeing what we can come up with.

2 - One of my cats recently had 2 kittens and they are so tiny it's unreal they are absolutely gorgeous! Shadow is being a brilliant mum to them both and can often be found sound asleep whilst cuddling and protecting them with her paws.

3 - This is one of my favourite pictures of me and my nephew Henry, I love the bond that me and Henry have it's lovely and as I always say to him I'm "favourite auntie" haha. I usually have Henry overnight on a Thursday so that he's mum and dad (my sister and brother-in-law) can spend some time on there own together and go on a date night.

4 - My dog Lana absolutely loves a blanket, if there's a blanket about then you can guarantee that she is somewhere curled up asleep inside it. Lana has been like this ever since we got her as a puppy and of a night time she will make her way under the bed covers and sleep in the middle of the bed right by your legs.

5 - Henry again but this time he is trying out he's new door bouncer for the first time. Henry loved being in this and happily stayed there bouncing about and smiling for about 20 minutes before he started to get tired and wanted cuddles.

6 - My niece Daisy decided she wanted to do some drawing in this photo so she sat up at my desk using my pens whilst I was putting clean washing away in the cupboard. She ended up drawing a picture of Shadow with kittens in her belly (the next morning Shadow had the 2 kittens). I will insert a little picture below of the drawing.

Shadow and the kittens in her belly

7 - This is just a normal picture of me and Daisy, it's just one of the many random pictures that we do when we are together. I think I may even get this one printed out and put in a frame on my shelf as it's one of the rare occasions where Daisy isn't pulling some weird face.

8 - The last picture I took it just because I thought it looked really nice and was good how they did it. In Costa Coffee I decided to try there popcorn latte as it sounded really nice, I wouldn't get it again though as it was rather disappointing as in it didn't taste anything like popcorn, it just tasted like a normal milky coffee would have.


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