20 June 2016

14 Day TeaTox


I recently decided that after hearing lots of good things about TeaTox products that I wanted to try it out for myself as I always like to try out things that are supposed to be good for you.
So after doing some research I decided to purchase the "Citrus Lemon Flavoured TeaTox", I chose to go for the 14 day supply just so i could be sure that I did like them before purchasing the 28 day pack.

What Is TeaTox?

TeaTox is basically short for Tea Detox and it claims to help cleanse the body and also help with the likes of weight loss, bloating, cellulite and bad skin. The pack I purchased recommends that you drink at least 1 tea a day for 14 days in the evening before bed, and to infuse the tea for approximately 3-4 minutes before drinking and if required add a teaspoon of honey.

What Do I Think Of It So Far?

So far I have managed to do 5 days of it and have yet to notice any difference at all, now I know you can't expect to see instant results straight away but surely you should be able to notice tiny changes right?! I decided to try TeaTox as I was generally feeling crappy about myself, my skin was constantly breaking out like anything and I was always feeling really bloated all the time. In the 5 days of drinking this Tea have I noticed any difference? The answer to that is a big NO!

If anything my skin has gotten worse and I'm feeling more bloated than ever, so in general I'm still feeling like complete crap about myself!

Will I Carry On With The Remaining TeaTox?

I am gonna carry on with the remaining TeaTox that I have left, even if it does taste completely vile (I tend to let it cool down a bit after making it and then drink it all in one go haha).
I'm defiantly not expecting to see brilliant results or in fact any results from this but I will be sure to keep you updated on how it all goes, and I'm also glad that I only paid £5.99 for this TeaTox pack. As I think I'm gonna have to look into seeing what other products are available to help me.

Have any of you tried TeaTox before?


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