16 May 2016

Skinnydip Purchase: Rose Gold Kitty Headphones

Rose Gold Kitty Headphones

First off lets just take a few moments to admire just how gorgeous these headphones really are!
Skinnydip and DJ Zara Martin you done good with these ones.

Right now back to the actual blog post haha, If you've been reading my blog for some time now you will have noticed that back in February I had the Daith Piercing done to help with my headaches.
Now I bet you're thinking "Claire...what's that got to do with headphones?" Because I know I would be thinking the same if it was me reading this!

Well since having the daith piercing done I can no longer wear the usual in-ear headphones due to the heart shaped earring, in-ear headphones are just so uncomfortable for me now and after a little while they start to make my piercing feel really sore. So I decided to splurge out on a decent set of headphones that would last me ages.

It took me ages to justify spending £35.00 on a pair of headphones but I instantly feel in love with the style of them aswell as the rose gold colour. The sound on them is brilliant and they are so comfortable to wear for long periods at a time (yes that's me admitting to binge watching video's on YouTube at night!).

I also loved that the styling of these particular ones weren't your usual style or just a plain rounded top, as these have gorgeous cat ears added into the detail of them which I think is so unique!

If those cat ears ain't enough to convince you to buy them when your next on the look out for a decent pair of headphones, then I don't know what is haha.


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