6 April 2016

New House...New Home

So we are near enough settled in the house and things are going well, although there is still quite a bit to unpack and stuff to go up on the walls but we are slowly making it into what feels like our home and not just some house we are renting. It’s gonna take time but we will get there in the end.

My room is fully decorated and this time I’ve gone for a grey and white colour scheme in the bedroom, when we first viewed the house the room that was mine was painted bright green and blue……2 colours that I really ain’t a fan of at all!
I've inserted a picture of the bed just so you can get an idea of the way it is now, but I am planning on doing a room tour blog post once everything is finished so be sure to keep checking back for that. 

I’m currently sat with a cup of coffee in front of my new iMac computer pre-writing some blog posts as I’ve got no internet until the 12th April, as it’s not being installed until then. I’ve managed to put this blog post up by connecting the iMac to my hotspot through my phone, but there isn’t much data left on it so I’m having to be quick about posting it lol.

It is annoying though knowing you have the iMac computer that I've been wanting for years, only to not be able to use it due to internet not being installed yet.....I'm impatient! I can't wait to get back into a proper blogging routine though, as I must admit I have missed blogging and taking blog photos but the last couple of weeks have just been mad and there's been hardly any time to do anything at all.

Wow! This turned into a bit if a random post didn't it haha, ah well everyone likes a bit of a chitchat post every now and then don't they? Or is that just me?

So until the next blog post from me, please leave me your blog links in the comment section below as I am always on the lookout for brand new blogs to read :-)


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