22 April 2016

Blogging Area / Desk Area

When I moved house I knew for sure that I wanted to make a proper desk space / blogging area, and this is exactly what I was to do. This part of my bedroom was the first part to be fully completed….and trust me the other parts of the room are only just starting to come together slowly but there will be another blog post soon on that. 
Before you carry on with reading this post, you may want to check out Drawer Space to Desk Space that I blogged about back in June 2015 and was what my current setup looked like up until now.

So now onto the new space……
As you may already be able to notice I recently got the iMac that I have been after for literally years! So this now takes pride of place on my desk instead of my Dell laptop that I used to have, don’t get me wrong I do miss having a laptop as it was so portable just to take downstairs with me when I wanted to sit on the sofa and write up blog post’s haha, but I wouldn’t swap my iMac back to a laptop now!

Sitting on top of my iMac I have my gorgeous rose gold kitty headphones that I purchased from SkinnyDip. I then have some Lilly flowers in a vase next to the iMac just because I love Lilly's and they are white which fits in with the theme of my bedroom, although you can’t see it in these picture’s I also have a angel candle holder which I just use to put some of my stud earrings in.

I have also covered up the top of the boring plain desk that I had, it used to be a light pinewood colour, but I just brought marble adhesive stuff from Wilkinson’s to cover over it with. This marble stuff is only £5.00 a roll, and you get quite a lot on it.

Next Up...
Above my desk I have this wall unit shelf, which is from B&M and I think it was £10.00 but don’t quote me on that as unless I save a receipt I’m always forgetting the prices of stuff haha!

On the top part I just have 6 hand creams that I brought from Avon and I also have a picture of my nephew Henry and myself, it’s one of my favourite pictures of me and him so far. On the section below that I have most of my Yankee Candles aswell as a Wickford & Co candle

In the middle section I have my rose gold 3 candle holder that I brought from Home Bargains in Cwmbran just before I moved back to London, I’ve yet to light candles in this yet tho at the moment it just seems to be a decor piece.

Then lastly on the bottom shelf I have all my Barry M nail paints which are in acrylic nail polish units, to complete these acrylic units I just need to get another 10 Barry M nail paints. I also have another candle in the middle section of the bottom shelf which is a Air Wick candle in the fragrance Vanilla Bean & Coconut Milk, and it smells gorgeous!

Closer View......
This picture is just a closer view of the marble effect desk top area, and you can also see the angel candle holder that I was also telling you about in the first section of this blog post.

I will insert a picture of the whole area below, just so you can see the whole set up together as it is now, I hope you like it :-)
Do you have your own workspace area that you like to blog from?
If so then please leave me a comment below so I can go and check yours out, as I personally love reading post’s like this.


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