22 April 2016

Blogging Area / Desk Area

When I moved house I knew for sure that I wanted to make a proper desk space / blogging area, and this is exactly what I was to do. This part of my bedroom was the first part to be fully completed….and trust me the other parts of the room are only just starting to come together slowly but there will be another blog post soon on that. 
Before you carry on with reading this post, you may want to check out Drawer Space to Desk Space that I blogged about back in June 2015 and was what my current setup looked like up until now.

So now onto the new space……

15 April 2016

Treating Your Pets...

I was recently sent some products from the petshop.co.uk company to review for my 3 pets, which are 2 cats called Gizmo and Milo and also 1 dog called Lana.
I received these items a few weeks ago now, but I’ve only just got round to writing up this blog post where have been super busy with moving from Wales back down to London.
I received a range of items ranging from cat/dog food right through to treats aswell and my 3 pets have tried and tested them all.

6 April 2016

New House...New Home

So we are near enough settled in the house and things are going well, although there is still quite a bit to unpack and stuff to go up on the walls but we are slowly making it into what feels like our home and not just some house we are renting. It’s gonna take time but we will get there in the end.
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