23 March 2016

Taffy Mail - Monthly Subscription Box

I was recently sent a box of American sweets from the company Taffy Mail to review for my blog, and I was lucky enough to receive it before I moved back to London...as once I had moved I had no way of checking what mail had already been sent to the house in Wales.

I must say I was surprised at how much was actually inside the box when I opened it, there was a variety of sweets aswell as 1 can of drink inside. After looking on the Taffy Mail website I'm pretty sure I received the box that would of originally been £14.99, there are 3 different types of box that you can receive monthly there is the £7.99 box, the £14.99 box and also a £24.99 box aswell.

Inside my box I received 12 American sweets plus 1 can of drink, the things I received I will list below:

- Fanta Grape
- Deep Dish Pizza flavoured Cheese Curls
- Whoppers Milkshake (strawberry flavoured)
- Bit-O-Honey
- Almond Joy
- Sweet & Sour Skittles
- Pop Rocks
- Now and Later Chewys
- Oreo Brownie
- Gummi Mini Burger x2
- Sweet Tarts Ropes
- Cow Tales

My favourite out of all of the ones that I tried were definitely the “Whoppers Milkshake” as they were just like Strawberry flavoured Maltesers, my least favourite was the “Bit-O-Honey” it was just way to hard and I didn't wanna risk breaking my teeth in trying to eat it...it did smell nice though!
I tried most of these that were in the box, although a few of them my sisters decided they wanted to try aswell so me being the nice sister I let them haha.

I will most likely be purchasing future boxes from Taffy Mail, if I had the money I would definitely do the £24.99 box as you get more stuff to try, but I will probably end up doing the £7.99 a month box instead when I can afford to....as living back in London means the rent is like 3 times as much as what it was in Wales!

If you're a fan of trying out new sweets from another country, then I would highly recommend this monthly subscription box from Taffy Mail, it makes a difference having a “sweet box” instead of a “beauty box”.

*I was sent this box for free, but all opinions are my own*

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