16 March 2016

Jamberry Nail Wraps *

Jamberry Nail Wraps
I was recently contacted by a Jamberry Consultant called Brittany, who asked me if I would like to review some of the nail wraps by Jamberry, and being a nail technician who loves anything to do with nails I emailed back that I would like to try some.

After a few emails between us both I then received this little package of stuff in the post (pictured above), along with a little note....I personally love it when little notes are included with stuff as to me it makes it all that bit more personal when stuff is sent to me.

I received everything that was needed to be able to do a set on my nails, I also received 2 full sets, one lot with gold stripes as seen in the above picture, and also a zig-zag kind of pattern set...I forgot to take a picture of these before putting them on my nails...so keep reading to see a picture of these when on my nails.
I also received a few other designs that can be used on your accent nails, I have yet to use these ones though, as I wanna sit down when I am in the new house and plan a couple of designs to do on my nails to match these ones....you will be sure to see them in future nail posts!
These are the zig-zag set of nail wraps that I was telling you about, once applied a couple of them went a bit bumpy at the top, but I think this was just down to it being the first time applying them as 3 of them went on perfectly fine.....but as they say "practice makes perfect".
I love this design and thankfully I've still got enough to do another set with these, and now that I know exactly what I'm doing with them the next set should come out perfect with no bumps.

If you live in the U.S and would like to know more about Jamberry and maybe even order some nail wraps yourself that you can visit Brittany's website by clicking here "Brittanys Jamberry Website"

And for all of us living in the UK (including me) there's some good news as Jamberry will be officially launching here on the 5th April....I personally can't wait as I can definitely see myself purchasing all kinds of nail wraps from them!

I will do another post once I am all settled into the new house in London, showing you pictures when the gold stripe nail wraps are one, as I can't what to use these either on there own or over a white nail varnish.

Let me know if you are considering ordering any of these, or what you think of them if you already have some.

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