19 March 2016

Goodbye Wales!

As you are currently reading this I am probably lugging stuff out onto the van that's parked outside our house, as today is moving day! After over 3 lovely years of living in Newport, South Wales we have now decided that it's time to go home…...as in home I mean London. London is where I was born and a part of me inside has always remained down there. That's not to mean I regret moving away as I've loved living in Newport as it's really helped me loads.

How Its Helped Me...

Since moving here I've managed to get help from a lovely doctor called Dr Jenkins, she's helped me get my headaches under control and she's also helped me with my anxiety. The doctors down in London just didn't want to help at all so I'm glad I found Dr Jenkins who was happy to listen and to help me on the long road with it all.

Although my anxiety is still there I'm not as anxious when I'm out and about now, I feel a lot more calmer when in shops or even in big crowds…..I'm sure I've still got a long way to go but I'm getting there slowly.

My headache's have also calmed right down aswell, all down to the medication she put me on. I used to get ones that lasted 4 days at a time, and during those days I could barely life my head up off of the pillow so as you can imagine the pain wasn't nice at all!

What I'm Looking Forward To...

I'm looking forward to spending more time with my niece's and nephew's, especially my 13 week old nephew Henry as he is getting to be a little character now and I can't wait to be around to watch him as he grows up. All my niece's and nephew's have got there own characters and little ways now and can't wait to spend more time with them.

I'm also looking forward to not having to do those horrible motorway journeys anymore just to get home, as we have to do the M25 motorway and then the M4 motorway just to get back to Newport. I never used to mind the drive back but now I actually hate it, I don't wanna see or be on another motorway for at least a few months after being back haha.

What To Expect On The Blog…

Once I am all settled into the new house on the 28th March the internet doesn't get fitted until the 4th April, so until then I will be using the wifi at my sister and brother-in-laws house as we are staying with them until the house is ready. So I will try my hardest to get as many blog posts up in between now and the 4th April.

You can expect to see lots of new posts coming up though as I've got so many idea's going around in my head, I'm having to make sure I write them all down or put them in the notes section on my iPhone. I'm also going to be doing a before and after of the new bedroom as the colours that are on the walls at the moment are so not my type of thing at all, I will probably put some pictures up on my Instagram (@nailbeautylife … shameless plug there haha) so be sure to follow me over on there to see those pictures when they go up!

So Until Next Time... 

Be sure to check back regularly as you never know when the next post will go up, infact there's a new post that is already scheduled to go live on Monday. It's one I'm actually excited about as it's my first time having someone do a guest post on my blog!
But say no more, you will just have to check back on Monday to see who it is that done the guest post as I've credited them at the bottom of there post with a link to the website aswell.


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