21 March 2016

Fashionista's Birthday Gift Guide

When you are friends with fashionistas it’s more than obvious you’ll have to buy them a gift that will make their heads spin. However, given these people are always on point (well, almost always) and they are so into having the latest trends before anyone else does, jumping in with a gift that will surprise them is kind of hard. Believe me, I know!

Surrounded with people from the fashion industry and being a part of it myself, I’ve had my fair share of terrible gifts (both received and given) and I’ve learnt my lessons! I’m giving you some of the best ideas to help you choose a gift for your favorite fashionista and make them super excited and happy.

Timeless is style
Every fashionista, no matter how into trends they are, appreciates the timeless cut and color of clothing pieces and accessories. If your friend has already robbed the stores of the latest trendy pieces and there is nothing you can think of to buy, play it safe – a bag in a universal cut, the little black dress with a twist, a simple accessory like a bracelet, necklace or earrings that speak sophistication and style (I’d suggest opting for a clean design), a rich, high quality scarf in his/her favorite color… These pieces will never go out of style and are much loved by those who know fashion.
His/her heart’s desire
Since we live in the era of fast fashion, we get new trends and hit pieces with virtually every new month. This is why being the first one to buy it ALL is kind of difficult despite the efforts, which puts you in the front seat. There must be something you’ve heard your friend’s been talking about but always mentioned they either don’t have enough money for it, or can’t find it anywhere. Remember what this piece is and give your best to buy it – your present will probably be the best one in the pile!

Gadget freak all the way
If your fashionista happens to be a gadget lover, buy them a custom-made set of headphones, a laptop/tablet bag, or a mobile phone mask with a stylish inscription. A message saying “For my favorite fashionista”, “Your fashion sense makes me fly”, “F for Fashion” (or any other that comes to mind but means something to your friend) will take you a long way. It’s unique, it’s fashionable, and it’s super cute!
Rely on leather for excitement
Leather will never not be loved, and your favorite fashionista knows it! Recently, we’ve been spotting the rise of leather fashion in both male and female sector, and the androgyny of it is simply breathtaking! Leather gloves, a wallet, a big leather bag (you’ve surely noticed feminine inspired bags in male collections, and not many guys have the guts or the fashion sense to carry them) that would make for a fabulous leather gift for him and a leather backpack or an ankle-length belt for her will be everything the guests will be talking about! 

Throw them a party
Well, this is not an actual gift they’ll store in their fabulous huge closet but it definitely is something that will be remembered. Throw your friend a fashionista inspired party, with the cake in the shape of his/her favorite design logo (say CD, LV, Versace, etc), organize your friends to pose as paparazzi and start snapping photos of your fashionista when they enter the room, have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired tiara ready for your birthday girl/boy and do it all secretly. Balloons with fashion logos and Polaroid photos are a must, too! Maybe even a photo booth? If your budget allows it, put up a video beam streaming Fashion TV – this one will blow everyone’s mind!
Your fashionista deserves only the best so make sure you do everything just right!

*Todays guest post come from Peter over on highstylife.com, hope you all like it as much as I did!

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