30 March 2016

A Nail Spending Spree

Recent Nail Purchases

I feel like I haven't written a nail related blog post in ages, and to be honest I haven't had anything to write about when it came to nails. As what with moving and that I hadn't brought any new products, haven't done any acrylics on myself and ain't even painted my nails, the most I've done is use my Jamberry Nail Wraps.

Now that we have been back in London for just over 1 week now I have brought a couple of nail things….although I still haven't painted my nails yet as they are all currently packed away in 1 of the boxes in my brother-in-laws garage at the back of the garden. We don't officially get the keys to the house until today (the 30th) but will not be moving in until the Saturday or Sunday which is the 2nd and 3rd.

Nail Varnishes….

First up I brought these nude coloured nail varnishes which I picked up from Primarks, they were reduced from £2.00 down to just £1.00 so I just knew I had to get some. I usually only wear nude colours in the Autumn season but this time I fancied a change instead of wearing bright colours, The only non nude colour in this pack is the pink but it's still a colour I will use anyway so it's definitely not going to go to waste.

I'm not too sure what these nail varnishes are called because Primark ones never have any names written anywhere on there packaging or even on the bottles themselves. The 2nd one in really reminds me of a colour that I already own by Nails Inc.

Nail Accessories….

There's nothing worse then breaking a nail and then realising that you have no nail clippers aswell as no nail files to hand to sort said broken nail out. So once again whilst in Primark's I picked up this pack of pink nail files that come with a handy case to keep them 1 in at a time so it can easily be put into your handbag without getting lost amongst other things haha.

I also picked up this pack of rainbow coloured nail clippers as I love the colour of these, it makes a change for these to be in any other colour apart from silver, ever since I got my daith piercing heart in the rainbow colours I've been obsessed with this colour as it's so different to everything else.

Press On/Glue On Nails…

Now being a nail technician I usually hate using these nails, but where I haven't been able to do my own acrylics since we moved back to London I decided to buy a couple of boxes of these just to tide me over until all my nail stuff is unpacked.

The first lot I brought from Superdrugs they were on offer at the time, I think they were half the price of what they usually are so I picked these up as I thought they were different to usual nails.
These ones are by the brand Elegant Touch and are the Diva ones and I really like the black & white them it has on all of them.

The next 2 sets of nails that I picked up are from good old Primarks and these were £1.00 for each pack and are stiletto styled nails. The first ones are a brown/beige nude colour and are just the perfect colour for me at the moment, and the second lot are just plain white stiletto nails which can either be worn a just plain white or can be painted over with a colour of your choice.

Have you made any nail related purchases just lately?
If you have, then leave me a comment below telling me what your favourite thing that you brought has been.


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