30 March 2016

A Nail Spending Spree

Recent Nail Purchases

I feel like I haven't written a nail related blog post in ages, and to be honest I haven't had anything to write about when it came to nails. As what with moving and that I hadn't brought any new products, haven't done any acrylics on myself and ain't even painted my nails, the most I've done is use my Jamberry Nail Wraps.

Now that we have been back in London for just over 1 week now I have brought a couple of nail things….although I still haven't painted my nails yet as they are all currently packed away in 1 of the boxes in my brother-in-laws garage at the back of the garden. We don't officially get the keys to the house until today (the 30th) but will not be moving in until the Saturday or Sunday which is the 2nd and 3rd.

23 March 2016

Taffy Mail - Monthly Subscription Box

I was recently sent a box of American sweets from the company Taffy Mail to review for my blog, and I was lucky enough to receive it before I moved back to London...as once I had moved I had no way of checking what mail had already been sent to the house in Wales.

21 March 2016

Fashionista's Birthday Gift Guide

When you are friends with fashionistas it’s more than obvious you’ll have to buy them a gift that will make their heads spin. However, given these people are always on point (well, almost always) and they are so into having the latest trends before anyone else does, jumping in with a gift that will surprise them is kind of hard. Believe me, I know!

19 March 2016

Goodbye Wales!

As you are currently reading this I am probably lugging stuff out onto the van that's parked outside our house, as today is moving day! After over 3 lovely years of living in Newport, South Wales we have now decided that it's time to go home…...as in home I mean London. London is where I was born and a part of me inside has always remained down there. That's not to mean I regret moving away as I've loved living in Newport as it's really helped me loads.

16 March 2016

Jamberry Nail Wraps *

Jamberry Nail Wraps
I was recently contacted by a Jamberry Consultant called Brittany, who asked me if I would like to review some of the nail wraps by Jamberry, and being a nail technician who loves anything to do with nails I emailed back that I would like to try some.

13 March 2016

A Life Update

As you may or may not have noticed, blog posts on Nail-Beauty-Life haven't been that often like they usually are. In the past there has been up to 3 blog post's a week.....and I will get back to that, I promise.

So here is the reason why......

4 March 2016

Why The Daith Piercing?!

 Daith Piercing
So if your reading this blog post then I'm assuming you are interested in learning more about the Daith piercing and what its actually for, or your just interested in piercings in general.
Don't worry there will be no gory pictures of it actually being done or anything, cause otherwise lets face it.....you would be seeing pictures of me with my hands over my eyes and then being sick out the back in the piercing shops little bathroom haha. I wasn't sick because of the pain it was more the sound of the pop as he pushed the needle through that did me....although I will warn you the pain whilst being done is not nice at all!
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