8 January 2016

Those 5 Things.... I Can't Live Without!

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My iPhone 6s - I would be so lost without my iPhone these days, its where so many photos are stored that hold so many memories that I like to look back on every now and then. I also use my phone to catch up with social network sites and keeping up to date on all blogs I'm currently subscribed to, and I also use the noted section to jot down idea's if I'm out for future blog posts but I never actually use to blogger app to blog from as I always find everything looks out of place on a blog post if done from the app.

Coffee - It's been known for me to have upto 6 cups of coffee each day, which I know is probably bad for me.....but I think i may be just a little bit addicted haha. I am trying to cut back on the amount of coffee that I do drink as I think it may be the reason I don't sleep too well of a night time, but at the moment I just can't be without coffee.

Laptop - I think it's fair to say that I could never be without my laptop, it's where all my blogging and editing gets done and where photos for my blog posts are normally stored...yes I'm talking about that one folder on your desktop as got lots of unused photos that you've taken lol. Although in a few weeks time I am hoping to get an iMac Computer, it's one that I've wanted for years and I may actually be getting it soon. I also use my laptop for catching up on YouTube video and also a bit of Netflix....hello there Gossip Girl, the TV show that I'm currently binge watching of a night time!

Nail Varnishes - So you're probably thinking "that's a bit vain Claire" but I seriously cannot be without it. It's a bit like someone saying they feel naked without makeup on, I'm like that but with nail varnish instead.
I hate my nails being just plain and normal and usually have some kind of nail polish on them even if it's just clear nail varnish at least I know that something is there haha. I'm currently wearing Barry M's "Dead Heat" on my nails, which can be seen in my Novembers Nail Wishlist as I seem to have gone back to the classic red nails at the moment.

Internet/WiFi - So near enough everyone you know has some sort of internet connection these days, whether it is at home via wifi or when your out and about using 3g/4g on there mobile phones. I'm not sure what I would do now without the internet as its how i stay connected when I'm out and about, I like to use WhatsApp, and check my social media accounts. Plus when I'm down at my sisters in London I rely on her wifi and my mobile signal is pretty much non-existent haha, also without the internet this blog wouldn't exist either.


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