25 January 2016

Barry M: Speedy Quick Nail Paints

If you've been reading my blog for sometime now, you may already know that I'm trying to build up my collection of Barry M nail paints and that I love the speedy quick dry ones as they dry in under 1 minute.....which is brilliant for me as I'm always smudging my nails after I've done them.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get another 3 from this range to add to my collection from my sister and even better they were ones that I didn't already have and were in 3 different shades of purple.

The colours I got were "Lap Of Honour", "Need For Speed" and "Slip Stream" 

These range from a light purple right up to a dark purple. As of this moment I'm currently walking round with just three fingers painted...1 in each colour as I can't decided what colour I want to paint my nails haha, I'm leaning more towards "Need For Speed" on my nails with my accent nail painted in "Lap Of Honour" but that could all change within the next 5 minutes lol.

I'm gonna do a Barry M Nail Varnish collection blog post soon with a list of all the one's I've currently got, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.....if there's any Barry M nail paints you would recommend to me then leave me a comment below with the name of it, so I can go and check it out :-)


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