16 December 2015

Monday Moments #1

I've seen these sort of list's on a variety of blog's over the past couple of months and they are always the kind of post's that I love to have a read through. It lets your readers know a little bit of what your enjoying at the moment, and is also a good way for others to find new stuff that they might wanna check out. So here is my first blog posts in the "Monday Moments" series on my blog.

- Adele - Hello
- Grace Ft G-Eazy - You Don't Own Me
- Western - In2
- Jess Glynne - Take Me Home
- Ben Haenow - All Yours

I'm loving "All Yours" off of Ben Haenow's album, and I can't wait to see him live in April 2016 as I brought my nephew tickets to see him for he's birthday. All of these songs though are on my Spotify playlist and are ones that I play all the time.

- Instagram
- Snapchat
- Twitter
- Google+
- Costa Coffee

Instagram I'm obsessed with, I have an Instagram account for my blog @nailbeautylife and a personal Instagram @clairejoanne1986. Most people I know have the Starbucks apps, but me I prefer Costa Coffee so this app is a must for me to collect points (Currently have £4.15) on there.

Favourite Christmas Movies
- Elf
- Miracle On 34th Street
- Home Alone
- Jack Frost
- It's A Wonderful Life

It was an obvious choice that Home Alone was gonna be on this list, its one of those films that you just have to watch every Christmas to make it actually feel like Christmas. Jack Frost is my favourite Christmas film of all time though, I just love the storyline in it.

Things I've Brought
- Christmas Presents
- Candles/Holders [as seen in the picture above]
- iPhone 6s Case's
- Pyjama Bottoms
- Heart Lights

I have a slight obsession with phone cases and had loads for my iPhone 5s, but I'm on the search for a nice one for my iPhone 6s...at the minute I just have a Minion's case on my phone.

- BrittneyLeeSaunders
- SacconeJolys
- Ella Victoria
- Fleur De Force
- Hobbie Stuart

My favourite out of all of these is BrittneyLeeSaunders just for the fact she says exactly what she thinks and doesn't sugar coat anything if she has a problem with something she just says it how it is haha.


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