20 December 2015

My Christmas Playlist

Well its officially that time of the year where in my opinion its totally acceptable to be playing the Christmas music, and I don't mind a good Christmas song! The Christmas movies will be the next thing out for me so this is where Netflix will also come in handy haha. Most of these songs are the good old classic ones, and at the very bottom of the playlist i also have a bit of Leona Lewis with her song "One More Sleep" which is a very catchy song.

This year for Christmas for me there will be no Christmas tree going up and no decorations either, as I leave to go to London on the 23rd December and won't be back home until about a week or 2 into the New Year, so there really is no point in putting any decorations up at all. So for now to get into the festive mood its all about the music and films for me.

Out of all of these songs in my playlist, my 2 favourite ones are "Driving Home For Christmas" and "Fairytale Of New York". Whenever I hear these songs playing on the radio that's when for me you know it really is Christmas. They are just the 2 classic old songs that I will never get bored of hearing.

Whats your favourite Christmas song?
Let me know in the comment section below :-)


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