14 December 2015

Just A Little Update

As you already know I have a blogging schedule for this blog, which means Mondays are Nail related, Wednesdays are Beauty related and then Fridays are Lifestyle related blog posts.

I really wanted to do BlogMas this year but just knew there was no way I was ever gonna be able to stick to it, so I decided not to do it this time round (maybe next year!). But on the 22nd December I will be travelling down to London for Christmas and won't be back home until after the New Year, So at the moment I'm having to try and pre-write some posts or pre-take some photo's that I can use whilst down in London, although that's not to say "London Post's" wont be happening aswell.

So blog post's will be going up just not on the days there supposed to or in the order they are supposed to, I will be trying my hardest though but will be busy over Christmas spending time with family and hopefully my new little nephew will make an appearance whilst I'm down in London aswell!


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