2 in 1 Gift Guide: For Kids & Under £10.00

18 December 2015

Gift Guide For Kids: Under £20.00

This gift guide is mainly aimed at younger kids...can you tell I find it so much easier buying for my 4 & 5 year old niece's?! All these products are from the Tesco's website and were all in stock when I made this list up, so if they ain't in stock on the website then there's still a chance they will be available in store.

Star Wars Plush Figure - £8.00 each
Mini Pool Table - £15.00

Under £10.00 Gift Guide

Next up is an under £10.00 gift guide, for those who maybe have loads of people to buy for and only have a certain budget set for each person. These could also be used as stocking fillers as they are under the £10.00 mark. Again these are all from the Tesco website and all products were available at the time of making this gift guide up.

Starbucks Tumbler & Coffee Set - £10.00
DC Comics Superman Mug & Sock Set - £8.00
Starbucks Coffee Mug & Candy Set - £8.00
Along Came Betty, All I Want -£5.00
The Clandestine Cake Club - A Year Of Cake -£9.00

So these are the last of the gift guide's for this year, hopefully you have found them to be a little bit useful and they gave you some idea's of what you wanted to buy for family/friends or loved ones.
I had to do a 2 in 1 gift guide as of next Friday it will be Christmas Day! How quick as it come around this year, it's like this year has just flown by!

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