Happy Christmas

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Hey there everyone, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas spending it with your loved ones and exchanging those gifts that you picked out for each person aswell as enjoying all the food and drink.....I know I did, well apart from the drink that is haha.

Lush Wishlist

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I'm one of those that has never tried anything from Lush, yep I can hear you all now with "whattt...you've never tried stuff from Lush?!". I guess it's just because I have the very annoying "sensitive skin" and if something doesn't agree with my skin it sure as hell lets me know about it, but in 2016 I am gonna make sure I at least try 1 thing from Lush...so I have made up a little wishlist of all the ones I want to buy first.

NOTW: Christmas Nails

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Each year I usually do a set of Acrylic nails on myself with some sort of Christmas design on them, but this year I have opted out of Acrylics (mainly because I just haven't got the time to sit and do them!) and just to keep with my natural nails and paint those with nail varnishes I already own in Christmassy colours......is christmassy even a word??

My Christmas Playlist

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Well its officially that time of the year where in my opinion its totally acceptable to be playing the Christmas music, and I don't mind a good Christmas song! The Christmas movies will be the next thing out for me so this is where Netflix will also come in handy haha. Most of these songs are the good old classic ones, and at the very bottom of the playlist i also have a bit of Leona Lewis with her song "One More Sleep" which is a very catchy song.

2 in 1 Gift Guide: For Kids & Under £10.00

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Gift Guide For Kids: Under £20.00

This gift guide is mainly aimed at younger kids...can you tell I find it so much easier buying for my 4 & 5 year old niece's?! All these products are from the Tesco's website and were all in stock when I made this list up, so if they ain't in stock on the website then there's still a chance they will be available in store.

Monday Moments #1

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I've seen these sort of list's on a variety of blog's over the past couple of months and they are always the kind of post's that I love to have a read through. It lets your readers know a little bit of what your enjoying at the moment, and is also a good way for others to find new stuff that they might wanna check out. So here is my first blog posts in the "Monday Moments" series on my blog.

Just A Little Update

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As you already know I have a blogging schedule for this blog, which means Mondays are Nail related, Wednesdays are Beauty related and then Fridays are Lifestyle related blog posts.

Cloud 10 Beauty: 20% Off Sale

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Today's blog post is just to let you all know about Cloud 10 Beauty's sale that is on at the moment, they are giving you all 20% off everything in there Christmas Store over on there website.

They have some gorgeous gifts over on there website, I've already been and had a quick look at the range of stuff that they have available, they have something for everyone in your life....right down to those stocking filler essentials!

So if your interested in having a look at whats on offer then be sure to click the banner below to be taken straight over to there website. The 20% off sale ends at MIDNIGHT on the 14th DECEMBER so be sure to get your orders in by then :-)

#2 - Cheaper Then'

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A few blog post's ago you may remember I started a series on my blog called "Cheaper Then", and what it basically is, is me finding you a cheaper version of a more expensive product. In the first Cheaper Then blog post #1 - Cheaper Then I compared lip balms which with the cheaper version you could save up to £5.50 so be sure to check that post out.

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter

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During the winter months for me I tend to notice I always start to get really dry skin, not too sure if its the weather that's doing it or its just the way my skin is. But either way it drives me mad it's just like why can't our skin just be one kind of way instead of a combination of different ways!

Nail Polish Tag

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1 - How many nail polishes do you have?
Somewhere between 50 and 70 I think, I used to have way over the 150 mark but I recently got rid of all the old ones that looked a bit dried out. The ones in the pic are only a few of what I have.

Baking: Cookie Dough Pots

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I'm one of those that loves to bake stuff and loves to try out baking new things (as long as I like the sound of it that is haha). I could easily spend a day just baking one thing after another which isn't always a good thing when your trying to eat more healthy!

Black Friday Bargain!

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Now I've never been one of those who gets up at stupid o'clock on the day of Black Friday just to grab a quick bargain...or two, and this year was no different! But that still doesn't mean that you miss out on all the good deals that are happening to be around.