6 November 2015

Stationery Haul

Now I've always been one of those people who love a good pen, you know they type of pen that makes your handwriting look really neat....yeah thats me haha. Infact I think I just love stationery in general, before any of these blog post's even get typed up, they are written out in a notebook and it's only then I will edit them as I'm typing them up to schedule.

So in today's blog post I thought I would share with you the last few bits of stationery that I purchased and where I got them and for how much.

First up are these gorgeous metallic and pearlised gel pens, I brought these as I'm currently working on drawing and desgining a new header for my blog as I really want a unique one, but just can't afford to pay for someone else to make one for me at the moment.
These cost me £1.00 from the PoundShop.

Next up is an A5 14O page notebook, with all different words over the front of it, now I'm usually one for just plain notebooks but I really liked the design on this particular one for some reason.
This cost me £2.17 off of eBay and that included free shipping on it aswell.

I then purchased these 2 gorgeous pens by the brand Paper Mate, they both have a cute floral design on them, the designs being one in pink and the other in black. Although both of the pens write in black ink.
These cost me £2.50 again off of eBay and the shipping was free on these aswell.

And last but not least we have Sharpie pens, and lets be honest who doesn't love a sharpie pen haha!. These are also going to be used in the designing of my blog header.
These cost me £2.50.....yes thats £2.50 for all of them! They were on a reduced price in Wilkinson's so I just had to buy some as they only had 2 packs left so I brought a pack and then my mum brought my niece a pack aswell.


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