23 November 2015

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

This week's NOTW: Nail Of The Week is by the much loved brand Barry M in the colour "Dead Heat". As like with most red nail varnishes it is a proper classic red colour that goes well with any outfit and can be worn throughout the year.
I'm a big fan of Barry M nail varnishes and usually buy a couple every few weeks, but this is the first one in the "speedy quick dry" collection that I've tried before, and after using this one I will definitely be purchasing more very soon!

As with any nail varnish I use, I always make sure I use a base coat before applying this is to prevent any darker colours from staining the nail plate. I always tend to use the basecoat & topcoat in one from Barry M aswell, as I find this protects the nail pretty well when used as a basecoat and also gives a nice shine to the nails when used as a topcoat aswell.

- Was hardly any streaking left behind after the first coat 
- Only needed 2 coats to achieve the full colour
- Only took 5 minutes for it to be fully dry

- Only lasted about a week before it started chipping

Although this particular nail varnish only lasted a week before it started chipping and needed re-applying, I'm absolutely fine with this as it gives me a reason to try and use some of my other nail varnishes and also gives me some more NOTW blog posts to write up haha. Just lately I've been getting bored really quickly with having the same colour for a few weeks so it also gives me a chance to change things up every now and then.


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