16 November 2015

Acrylic Nails

As some of you may or may not know, I am a qualified Nail Technician who is able to do both Acrylic and Gel nails...although I much prefer using acrylic than I do gel.
I've been qualified for about 3 years now and passed my course with a distinction which I was rather happy about, as I was one of those that left secondary school half way through year 10 and never got my GCSE's...naughty I know.

So in today's blog post I thought I would just share a few pictures of some of the nail's that I have done either on myself or on other people, obviously these ain't every set of nails I've done but just a few that I've picked out.

All these were done by me personally, the Hello Kitty ones were one of my favourite designs to do on someone else, but me personally when I wear acrylics I tend to go for plain block coloured nails.

I am thinking of doing some acrylic nail tutorials if thats something you would like to see a bit of?
Or is there a specific design you would like me to try and do using acrylic?
If so then let me know in the comments section below :-)


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