25 November 2015

#1 - Cheaper Then'

Whilst down in London recently I went out shopping for a few bits, and whilst walking round Tesco's I came across an aisle that was full of stuff for £1.00. I was intending on buying a lip balm of some sort as my lips get really dry as the cold weather starts approaching, and I came across lip balms by the brand Lip Silk and they really reminded me of a lip balm that I had been looking at online a few weeks before.
Most of you are probably already aware of the EOS Lipbalms with there gorgeous packaging and unique look, now I nearly ordered a few of these at there price of £6.50 but I'm so glad I decided not to in the end. As I've found a cheaper alternative that is just as good as the EOS ones.

The only difference I can see is the packaging on the Lip Silk products looks cheaper as its a hard plastic casing, but the product itself inside leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturised for hours. The ones I purchased where Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry flavoured and if they had different ones I probably would have purchased those aswell haha. The strawberry one currently has found itself being left in the car along with a handcream, so that I know I always have them to hand if I ever forget to bring one out with me. 

I'm thinking of doing a few more posts like this if I ever find more products that are cheaper then the more expensive ones, if it's something you would like to see more of then do let me know in the comments section below :-)


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