Gift Guide For Him: Under £20.00

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A few weeks ago now you may remember I did a blog post on a Gift Guide For Her: Under £20.00 and I did say I would be doing a couple more gift guides in the lead up to Christmas time. So in the 2nd part of this blog series as I'm gonna call it, today's gift guide is gonna be for the male figure in your life whether this is a boyfriend, brother, dad, friend, nephew or anything one else I may have missed out on all these gifts featured here cost £20.00 or under and are all available via the Boots website.

#1 - Cheaper Then'

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Whilst down in London recently I went out shopping for a few bits, and whilst walking round Tesco's I came across an aisle that was full of stuff for £1.00. I was intending on buying a lip balm of some sort as my lips get really dry as the cold weather starts approaching, and I came across lip balms by the brand Lip Silk and they really reminded me of a lip balm that I had been looking at online a few weeks before.

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

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This week's NOTW: Nail Of The Week is by the much loved brand Barry M in the colour "Dead Heat". As like with most red nail varnishes it is a proper classic red colour that goes well with any outfit and can be worn throughout the year.
I'm a big fan of Barry M nail varnishes and usually buy a couple every few weeks, but this is the first one in the "speedy quick dry" collection that I've tried before, and after using this one I will definitely be purchasing more very soon!

5 Blogs I Would Recommend

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These 5 blogs that I am gonna recommend to you all are blogs that I follow on BlogLovin' and are ones that I always read. I may have only commented a couple of times on their blog posts but not all of them, but do rest assure that I read every post! I really have got to get better at commenting on other people's blog posts as I'm a nightmare in doing so.

Acrylic Nails

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As some of you may or may not know, I am a qualified Nail Technician who is able to do both Acrylic and Gel nails...although I much prefer using acrylic than I do gel.
I've been qualified for about 3 years now and passed my course with a distinction which I was rather happy about, as I was one of those that left secondary school half way through year 10 and never got my GCSE's...naughty I know.

So in today's blog post I thought I would just share a few pictures of some of the nail's that I have done either on myself or on other people, obviously these ain't every set of nails I've done but just a few that I've picked out.

Currently Reading

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Just lately I've been trying to read more than I have been, I used to read all the time then I just stopped and I'm not sure why. So I've decided to try and read between 1 and 2 books each month usually just to wind down before bed as I spend way too much time on the laptop of a night time and usually don't end going to bed until about 3am, and always end up regretting it the next day when I'm struggling to stay awake lol.

Gift Guide For Her: Under £20.00

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If like me you have a big family that you need to buy for at Christmas, then you'll know its essential to start buying from about the beginning of November. So for today's blog post I thought I would just put together a few gifts that are all under or just on £20.00, all the prices are correct at the time of me posting this and are all available on the Boots website.

Barry M: Nail Purchases

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If you managed to have a read of last weeks nail post which was a November's Nail Wishlist, then you may have seen these next 3 items on that list. After paying bills/rent and all the other stuff us adults have to do, I decided to treat myself to a couple of new Barry M nail paints. I chose to go for these particular 3 as firstly they were on my wishlist and secondly I'm currently building up my collection of Barry M ones, as I find they apply so nicely and are good value for money.

Stationery Haul

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Now I've always been one of those people who love a good pen, you know they type of pen that makes your handwriting look really neat....yeah thats me haha. Infact I think I just love stationery in general, before any of these blog post's even get typed up, they are written out in a notebook and it's only then I will edit them as I'm typing them up to schedule.

So in today's blog post I thought I would share with you the last few bits of stationery that I purchased and where I got them and for how much.

Updated Skincare Routine

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Just lately my skin has been a right pain in the backside and as really been playing up bad, I've had quite a few breakouts around the chin area and I'm not too quite sure why.
So I decided to switch up my morning and night skincare routine just incase it was my skin getting too used to products I was currently using.

Novembers Nail Wishlist

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For today's blog post I thought I would share with you a few nail bits and bobs that I want to hopefully purchase soon, obviously not at the same time though haha. I know the Tanya Burr Beauty Calender isn't all nails, but it does have nail stuff in it.