7 October 2015

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

This week's NOTW: Nail Of The Week is in the colour "Penguin Chic" and its by Tanya Burr.
I waited quite a while before purchasing any of the Tanya Burr collection, just for the fact that I decided to put myself on a "September Nail Varnish Ban" as I'm always buying nail varnishes and have way too many, so I decided I needed to start using some of the ones I already had first.
By the time the September ban had come to an end Tanya's new range had been released with all new packaging, which meant all the ones in the old packaging went on sale so I ended up buying 2 of the sets of nail varnishes at a bargain price of just £2.00 each instead of the usual £14.99! Bargain!

Penguin Chic is in a gorgeous grey/brown colour and is the perfect autumn nail colour for me! The lasting power as I'm gonna call it is amazing, I haven't added any kind of top coat to this nail varnish as it already has a nice shine to it once dry and so far I haven't had any chipping of any kind. Usually with some nail varnishes I tend to find that after 2 days I'm having to do some touch ups of some kind as I can't stand nails that are chipped.


As usual before I applied this to my nails I always make sure to add a base coat to prevent any staining to my nails. This is highly recommended when using dark colours of any kind, it's something I learnt on my nail technician course and I've just done ever since.
With this particular colour I decided to apply 2 coats of it, leaving at least 1 minute in between each coat. This helps to prevent any streaking as well as helps to speed up the drying time, if like me though you are clumsy and forget you've just painted your nails I ended up smudging my thumb nail by going through some paperwork completely forgetting that I had just painted it haha.
- Only needed 2 coats to get the full effect
- Drys quickly
- No topcoat needed
- Lasts ages without chipping

- I couldn't find anything wrong with this nail varnish at all

I'm really glad I decided to give these nail varnishes a go and a full review of all the ones that I got will be up on the blog really soon.
A cheeky little giveaway of one set may be happening aswell, if I can figure out how to go about one as I've never done a giveaway before.

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