9 October 2015

Nail-Beauty-Life: Blogging Schedule

I thought it was about time Nail-Beauty-Life had a proper planned out blogging schedule, in the past I posted every 2 days, then I took it down to every 3 days but I haven't really stuck to these when I've been down visiting family in London. 

This week though I decided to give a week of blogging a go, and the only day I missed out on was a blog post for Tuesday not sure what happened there but I just didn't have anything typed up and ready to go as it was such a busy day for me. Credit to those bloggers who actually manage to post every single day, how you do it all the time I will never know as I found it pretty hard lol.

Mondays - A Nail Blog Post

Wednesdays - A Beauty Blog Post

Fridays - A Lifestyle Blog Post

There will be no posts over the weekends now, as I'm gonna take that time to catch up on normal everyday stuff, and to make sure I stay ahead of the blogging schedule the weekends will also give me time to take all blog photo's in one go so that I ain't having to worry about what picture will go with what.
I will also take these 2 days to write out my blog plan for the week and also my blog post checklist that I have, I find having these 2 things to plan stuff out really helps me as it keeps me on track with whats gotta go up and when, and also how much time I have to do stuff.

Plus with the new blogging schedule there is a little bit of something for everyone, and it also incorporates my blogs name Nail-Beauty-Life, so if your not a fan of say nail blog posts maybe the next 2 blog posts will be something your interested in.


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