1 October 2015

Love/Hate: Facebook vs Twitter


Now we all have that one thing that we have a love/hate relationship with and mine is between Facebook and Twitter. Before I started blogging I used to hate Twitter and very rarely used it and I was always over on Facebook, but since my blog started up it's kind of been a reversible role whereas I now much prefer Twitter to Facebook.

Carry on reading the rest of the blog post, to find out what I think about both of these popular social networking sites.

The only profile I will ever have over on Facebook is my own normal profile, I will not be setting up a page over on there for my blog as for me personally I just don't see any point in it. It may give you a few extra numbers on your stats at the end of the month, but I just don't feel like I would benefit from having a Facebook page and it would hardly be kept updated.
I also do join blogging groups but have yet to post in one, I think I've only joined 2 at the moment, so if there's a group that you think I'd like then please let me know in the comment section below.

Reasons for keeping my Facebook:
To keep in touch with family & friends down in London

Reasons for not advertising my blog on Facebook:
I don't wanna annoy people with links to my post's for those who ain't bloggers

Twitter is the most social networking website/app that I use these days (well apart from blogger), although there are some days when I don't post anything but am still there just browsing through on my phone throughout the day haha.
I like to keep up to date and find new blogs to read as I scroll through, I sometimes even get inspiration and idea's for my blog and what I can achieve with it. I have seen a big increase on followers on my Twitter since I started my blog, and I do try to follow everyone back as bloggers have to help other bloggers out in little ways that we can.

Reasons for having Twitter
Get to know other bloggers who enjoy what they do
Find new blogs to read 
Promote my blog posts 3-4 times on the day they go up

Reasons I prefer to promote my blog on Twitter
It doesn't annoy other bloggers
Most of my traffic for my blog comes from Twitter
Sometimes get inspiration from other blogs 
If you work at something, it can be rewarding in the end

So as you can probably tell I gain more from Twitter then I do with my Facebook, and if I was to ever have to choose to use just one of those social networking sites I would definitely choose Twitter over Facebook anytime.

What are your opinions on between these 2 websites?
And if you was only allowed to use just 1 of them, which would you choose and why?


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