5 October 2015

Everyday Products That I Use

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Moisturiser - This has been my go to moisturiser for nearly 3 years now, it took me ages to find the right moisturiser for me as I used to suffer pretty bad with acne when I was younger and the slightest thing on my face would tend to break me out. This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soft & moisturised throughout the day and because it also has tea tree in it, it helps stops my skin from breaking out as bad as it used to!

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream - I only tend to use BB Creams as I never want anything too heavy on my face and only want something that has a light coverage which this gives me. This is the first one from The Body Shop that I've tried before and will definitely be sticking to it as it hasn't made my skin break out at all, which of course I'm loving!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion - I apply this to any blemishes that I might have, and I do this before applying any moisturiser. It stops blemishes from getting any bigger and also stops any redness from happening, the best thing that I like about this lotion as it doesn't dry your skin out like other ones that I've tried before.

Miss Beauty Concealer (light) - I only use this on days when I've got a bit of redness going on around my nose (tablet's I'm on for both headaches & anxiety have caused this to start happening). So after I've applied my usual moisturiser i apply a little bit of this and just blend it in with my fingers. I only chose this brand as it's not something I use all the time and it was a bargain at £1.00 haha.

Maybelline Baby Lips (cherry me) - Coming up to all the cold weather months I love using something like this to stop my lips from drying out too much, I love how soft this makes your lips whilst adding just a hint of colour aswell.

Mango Hand Cream - This hand cream has become my new favourite! Being a Nail Technician I often find my hands can get a bit dry at times so using a hand cream is a definite must for me. This hand cream is by a company called Sniffy Wiffy, I had never heard of these before until I received this hand cream in Septembers Blogger Beauty Box and once this hand cream runs out, I will definitely be purchasing more from there website. The scent on this is gorgeous and lasts a really long time whilst leaving your hands soft for ages aswell.


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