9 September 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Today's blog post is gonna be showing you how I edit my Instagram photo's and what apps I use to do it with. Before this all I would do is just crop the photo into a square and just adjust the sharpness on it a bit to make the photo look that little bit clearer.
But then a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to re-image my blogs Instagram profile, which you can find by clicking HERE (if you want to follow aswell to help with my goal of 50 followers that would be nice aswell haha).
So I took to Pinterest and just typed in "Instagram Photo Ideas" just so I could have a look to see what "themes" I could find on there. At one point I think I spent about 2 hours just reading all different pages on there on how best to edit photo's.
After reading quite a few different ways of editing pictures, I decided to go for a "soft fade with hint of colour" theme for my blogs Instagram account.
I will show you a before and after picture below just so you can see the difference before I tell you about how I get that effect on my pictures.


There are only 3 different apps on my phone that I use to create this effect and get them looking the way I want them to be, I will list these apps below:

As you can see from the first picture, the background has a kind of a yellow tint to it and this is because in my bedroom I hardly get any natural light where my room is at the back of the house so it always seems kinda dark to me.
So after I've taken the picture against a white background I open it up in Facetune and select the "whiten" feature and just rub my finger across the picture until I've got the whiteness effect on it instead of a yellow tint. This is all I do in Facetune I don't use any other feature in this app.
I will then save the photo to my camera roll and go onto the next stage of editing.

I will then open the picture up in the VSCO Cam app, this is where most of the editing of the picture goes on. I will then select the HB1 effect and click this setting again to get the settings up for it and put this to +8 or +9 whatever I feel will look best and press the tick sign to save that. Then in the settings I will do the following changes: I will up the exposure by +3, and put the contrast down by -6, the shadows up by +2 and then lastly the sharpen by +1.
Then save this picture to my camera roll so its ready for the next stage of editing.

Last bits of editing come from the Instagram app itself, once I open the picture up in there I go to the settings and also up the contrast on there by +10 and always up the sharpness again by +10 aswell.

Once this is done I will then publish the picture to my Instagram as nothing else is needed to add on to it.
I will post another 2 pictures below for you to see, both pictures feature on my Instagram account aswell.


I've only just started to re-image my Instagram so some photos on there don't have the same effect as these ones do, but I will get there soon enough with it all!

How do you edit your Instagram pictures? If you have a blog post on how you edit yours then please feel free to leave a link in the comments below.


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