Instagram Picture Update

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For today's blog post I thought I would just do a quick Instagram update of the last 6 pictures that I uploaded onto my blogs Instagram account, after you have finished reading this post if you would like to follow me over on Instagram then you can do so by clicking HERE to be taken to my blog account on there.

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

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This week's nail of the week is one that was featured in my "Autumn Nail Colours" which can be seen here. It's by the brand Barry M and it's one of there Gelly Nail Paints in the colour Lychee.

Autumn Nail Colours

in , by Unknown, September 16, 2015
During the Autumn season I tend to go for either dark coloured nail's or a light browny colour, it all depends on what mood I'm in I think. So for today's blog post I've gone through my nail varnish collection and picked out some of my favourite nail varnishes that I like to wear throughout this season. Some of the nail varnishes that I've chosen do look quite similar but I promise you they are all different once they have been applied onto the nails haha.

First up are my Nails Inc varnishes, I have quite a few by Nails Inc as I love the way that they apply to the nails and usually only need 1 or 2 coats to achieve the full colour, and with a good top coat over the top the nail varnish lasts quite well aswell or at least for me anyway it usually lasts just over a week before I need to re-do my nails.

Blogger Beauty Box

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Today's blog post is gonna be all about the Blogger Beauty Box, which is Septembers box and it's contents. This particular box is just £10 which includes the post & packaging and there is only a certain amount of boxes available each month.

Now I've tried quite a few "beauty boxes" from different brands and with this one I like the fact that it's not a subscription box that you get charged for each month without fail. With this particular one you only pay for it if you sign up to the reserve list and then wait for the email asking you to pay for it if you've been lucky enough to secure one of the boxes.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

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Today's blog post is gonna be showing you how I edit my Instagram photo's and what apps I use to do it with. Before this all I would do is just crop the photo into a square and just adjust the sharpness on it a bit to make the photo look that little bit clearer.
But then a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to re-image my blogs Instagram profile, which you can find by clicking HERE (if you want to follow aswell to help with my goal of 50 followers that would be nice aswell haha).
So I took to Pinterest and just typed in "Instagram Photo Ideas" just so I could have a look to see what "themes" I could find on there. At one point I think I spent about 2 hours just reading all different pages on there on how best to edit photo's.

August's Playlist

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This blog post was supposed to go up at the end of August, but I didn't have a photo to go with it seeing as I was down in London so I had to wait till I got home so I could sort a photo out for it. But hey we are only 5 days into September so I thought I would still put this post up, as they say its better late then never!

Every month I usually make myself a playlist up on Spotify that has anything between 10 to 15 songs on, and which are usually my most listened to songs during that month. This month I only had 10 that I was really listening to so it was those songs that made August's Playlist.

These 10 songs I will list below for you to have a look at:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
After seeing and hearing loads of really good reviews about this product, I decided to give it a try as I kept reading that it made people skin feel really clean and soft after using it. So whilst I was doing shopping in Asda's I spotted this mini bottle of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for just £1.00 so I thought whilst it was at that price I would give it a try and see how I felt about it.