10 August 2015

This Weeks List Of Things To Do

I'm always one of those that has a notepad that is usually full of blog posts that I've written up whilst I've not been at my laptop. There is also usually a load of list's of stuff that I need to get done or that I want to achieve by a certain day/time.
So in this blog post I thought I would share with you my list that I want to get done for this week, there's 3 different sections to it which are: Blog List, Technology List and then there's a Life List.

Blog List

  • Design own blog header
  • Get Adsense working again (If anyone can help that would be good, all ads were showing on blog until I added my custom domain....does anyone know why that would be?)
  • Sort out new blogging schedule
  • Get involved in at least 1 twitter chat

Technology List

  • Sort through all un-needed apps and delete those I rarely use on both my iPhone and iPad
  • Get printer to connect to the wi-fi again  
  • Print out a new schedule planner

Life List

  • Aim to go out for at least 5 minutes on my own and then gradually add 5 minutes on each time

My life list one is something I want to try start achieving, as those that know me well, will also know I don't like going out places on my own...this is due to anxiety which ain't a nice thing to have.

Do any of you like having lists of things, if you have one on your blog, then leave the link to your blog below for me to check out.


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