3 August 2015

The British Tag

1 - How many cups of tea do you have a day? And how many sugars?
To be honest I don't really drink tea that much, I only tend to drink it when I have a really bad headache as I find it really does help, I would usually have just 2 sugars but if I'm having tea because of a headache then I will have 3 sugars.

2 - Favourite part of a roast dinner?
What is there not to like about a roast dinner haha, If i had to choose just one thing though then it would have to be roast potatoes. I could easily eat a whole plate of roast potatoes on there own, my new thing though is whilst the potatoes are cooking mix a bit of marmite with oil and brush over the top of the potatoes, it gives them a nice crisp to them with only a hint of marmite.

3 - Favourite dunking biscuit?
None, I can't stand the thought of a biscuit being dunked in tea (insert sick face here), just the thought of a soggy biscuit is a no-go for me.

4 - Favourite British pastime?
Like what most people would say, mine would be Afternoon Tea aswell. Well who doesn't like the idea of tea and scones, Its like the ideal thing for people to enjoy!

5 - Favourite word?
"Yeah whatever", I am always using that, i must drive some people made with it some times.

6 - Cockney rhyming slang?
Adam and Eve which is slang for Believe, either that or Jack Jones which is slang for Alone.
- I can't adam and eve it! = I can't believe it.
- I'm all on my jack jones = I'm all alone by myself

7 - Favourite sweet?
It will always be those Milk Bottles sweets, you know the ones that are actually covered in the powdery coating.....ahh i could actually live on those sweets. Actually either those or strawberry bon bons, I think i kind of need to go buy some of these now!


8 - What would your pub be called?
Maybe something like "The Londoner" or maybe even "The Rigby" - The Londoner just because I'm originally from London, and The Rigby would be in memory of Lee Rigby, the soldier who was sadly murdered in the area that i used to live in.

9 - No.1 British Person
Ant & Dec without a doubt, there are the most 2 funniest people ever. I love the fact that there career in TV has lasted so long and there personalities haven't changed in the slightest if not they've got more funnier.

10 - Favourite shop or restaurant?
Favourite shop would have to be Tiger, the one in Cwmbran, it's such a lovely shop with a variety of things, there prices are really good aswell. It's where i actually got my stone effect paper for the background in some of my pictures on Instagram.
Favourite restaurant/pub would probably be Furze Wren, ahh there breakfast menu is lovely, I usually have the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup when i go there.

11 - What british pop song pops into your head?
A1 - Same Old Brand New You : I used to be obsessed with this band and I'm not ashamed to admit it lol, I remember watching them perform live at The Brit School in Croydon which was amazing.

12 - Marmite?
I love marmite, marmite on toast, marmite on crumpets, marmite on top of fish fingers....ahh I could go on forever.....can you tell I love marmite yet haha.


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