1 August 2015

ASOS Wishlist: Beauty

I thought I would just share with you all the things I want to purchase throughout August over on the ASOS website, I've had my eye on these things for a little while now and want to treat myself to them very soon!. I probably won't be able to afford all of these as obviously bills have to come first, but hey a girl can wish can't she?!.

Being a nail technician, I've always been into Acrylic nails, but just lately I've really been liking gel nail polish for my nails, and this just seems like the perfect little starter kit, and although this only comes with 1 actual gel polish, the other gel polish's ain't that expensive

I really want to try some sort of teeth whitening system because I've tried loads of different teeth whitening toothpastes, but they never seem to make much difference well not what i can see myself anyway. This system claims to give "visibly whiter teeth in 30 minutes" so I would be intrigued to see if that is the actual case. 

I really wanna try something new as in hairstyle's, as I'm always known for having my hair up in a clip where it's kind of too long to have in a normal ponytail, but also if i wear it down it starts to annoy me after half hour. I really like the soft wave look some people have has it gives the hair some texture whilst also looking nice

I've always liked the idea of these but they can be a bit pricey, which has always put me off buying one just incase they didn't work. I suffer with a bit of acne on my back which I hate as it stops me from wearing tops that show my back, I've tried so many treatments even stuff from the doctors but I've still yet to find something that will work on my back to help clear it up.

In the hot weather my lips tend to get pretty dry so I'm always applying some sort of lip balm to keep them soft. I never really knew of anything like this product until I was browsing the Asos website a little while ago, and I just think this sounds like the perfect thing for me to try.

How did I not know that a product like this existed until now?! My hair is dyed blonde (I am a natural dark blonde but i dye it lighter) and I am always dyeing my hair every 4 weeks as it grows out so quick. So i will definitely have to purchase this at some point then maybe I will be able to get away with not dyeing my hair just that little bit longer!.

Have any of you's tried any of these products before?
If so let me know your thoughts on them as I would love to know if they are any good before I purchase any of them :-)


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