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Quote of the day: "A negative mind will never give you a positive life"

I've seen this tag on quite a few blogs recently, so i thought i would do it as my next blog post, just so those who visit my blog can get to know me just that little bit better.

1 - Are you named after anyone?
Nope I'm not named after anyone at all!

2 - When was the last time you cried?
That would be the 29th April 2015, the day of my dads funeral.

3 - Do you have any kids?
Nah none for me, I'm just the auntie lol.

4 - If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?
I'd try to be yeah.

5 - Do you use sarcasm alot?
All the time, not everyone gets my sarcasm tho and sometimes think I'm being serious haha.

6 - Will you ever do a bungee-jump?
I would love to do a bungee-jump, that is one of the items on my to-do list!

7 - Whats your favourite cereal?
Any Special K cereal, I'm not too fussed which type it is lol.

8 - Whats the first thing you notice about other people?
Most would probably say its someones face they notice first, as that's what you look at for the first time, I notice someones eyes though.

9 - What is your eye colour?
Its between blue and green, all depends on the sun haha.

10 - Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings please.....I don't do any sort of scary movie at all!

11 - Favourite smells?
I love the smell of any candles burning, freshly cut grass, and the smell of a roast dinner cooking haha.

12 - Summer or Winter?
Definitely summer, my feet are constantly cold anyway so i hate it when winter comes round as i can never get them warm.

13 - Computer or Television?
Laptop all the way, I could easily watch no TV all day....from about 8:30pm i hardly watch any TV.

14 - Whats the furthest you've ever been away from home?
I've never been abroad, think Isle Of Wight is the furthest I've ever been haha and that was when i was younger.

15 - Do you have any special talents?
Can do Acrylic and Gel nails if you can call that a talent.

16 - Where were you born?
I was born in South East London.

17 - What are your hobbies?
Shopping (of course), Spending time with family/friends, Long walks, Photography, Blogging and anything to do with nails (that's the nail technician coming out in me).

18 - Do you have any pets?
I have 2 cats called Gizmo and Milo, and 1 dog called Lana, and she is a Chorkie (Chihuahua cross Yorkshire Terrier).

19 - Favourite Movie?
Coyote Ugly - Or any film that involves dancing!

20 - Do you have any siblings?
Yes i have loads, in fact too many to actually mention.

21 - What do you want to be when you grow up?
Already grown up, I may not be exactly where i want to be in life just yet, but i will get there in the end.

So there you have it, me telling you a bit more about me :-)

I tag all those who wish to do this on there blog, so that others can get to know them a bit better.

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