28 July 2015

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

Barry M: Sunset Daylight Curing

When Barry M posted on there Instagram account that Boots was having a 24 hour buy one get one free sale on there website on the Sunset Daylight Curing nail paints, I just knew that I had to go and have a look.
I've always been a fan of Barry M nail paints but had never tried the Sunset Daylight Curing ones before as I thought they wouldn't be much different to any other polish that claimed to be "pro nails without UV", and what with me being a nail technician when a brand claims it can give you pro nails without the need for a UV lamp i definitely expect high expectations from that brand.

The Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing nail paints come in 7 different colours and also a Topcoat that will only work with these particular nail paints. This topcoat cures naturally in daylight to leave your nails with a gel-like hi shine topcoat that last for upto 10 days. After I applied the topcoat to my nails, it literally took about 2-3 minutes to dry completely which I was rather impressed with.
The colour nail paint that I chose to go for was the one called "Do It Like A Nude" as I've really been into nude or pale colours for my nails just recently and this just seemed like the perfect colour for me, I think i go through stages of wearing bright colours then back to neutral colours again.
With this particular nail paint following the instructions it says to apply 2 thin coats, letting each coat dry for approximately 2 minutes drying time in between each one, although I actually applied 3 thin coats to get the full colour of this one. Then let the last thin coat dry for another 2 minutes before then applying a thin layer of the Topcoat, and this will dry and cure itself with natural daylight. 
Now I personally know how proper gel nails are supposed to both look and feel, and I can honestly say the hi-gloss shine and feel that this topcoat gives is a very close call to real gel nails, so I am very impressed with them.
The picture above is the finished result after they had finished drying completely (please excuse how dry my cuticles look I had yet to apply cuticle oil in this picture). Usually after a couple of days i tend to find nail varnishes start to chip slightly, but with these nail paints I haven't yet got no chips out of them, none have lost there shine and I'm already into the 4 out of 10 days that they are supposed to last for.
If I had known how good these were gonna be, I would of took advantage of that 24 hour buy one get one free sale on the Boots website and I would of ordered all the other colours. But at just £4.99 each they are still very affordable and I can see myself going to buy a few more colours to add to my collection very soon.

All the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing nail paints all have such fun names aswell, I will put a list of them all below:

Can't Get You Out Of My Red
Fuschia Generation
The Way You Make Me Teal
You Drive Me Navy
I've Been Pinkin'
Peach For The Stars
Do It Like A Nude

They are all names of songs, but just with the colour of the nail paint added into them.

Have any of you tried these Sunset Daylight Curing nail paints?
If you have then let me know what you thought of them in the comments below :-)


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