30 July 2015

iPhone Photo Diary #1

I've never really done one of these post's before, but I always like reading these type of post's on other people's blogs as they always give a little insight to the person behind the blog I think.

So I've decided to choose 8 different photo's from my iPhone to share with you all :-)

  • Iced Strawberry Lemonade -  This is one of my favourite drinks at the moment from McDonalds, I find it really refreshing during the hot weather (when we get hot weather that is lol). Some people I know tend to find it really bitter because of the lemon in it, but I personally find it really nice

  • Charlton Football Ground Memorial Gardens - This photo I took when I went to lay a rose down where my dads ashes are scattered, I wasn't able to go when he's actual ashes were scattered, so when i was down in London a couple of weeks later I booked an appointment with the football ground to go there. Appointments have to be booked as your not allowed to go there on match days obviously as for those you need to buy an actual tickets.

  • 1 Of My Cat's Milo - Milo is the son of my other cat Gizmo so I've had him since he was born, he is so big its unreal he just don't seem to stop growing haha. He is also like my little shadow wherever I am then he is there aswell. In this picture he squeezed himself into this little box then thought if he closed he's eyes really tight, that I wouldn't spot him in there lol....he slept in that box for about 1 hour after I took this picture.

  • The Valleys House - Those that used to watch The Valleys on MTV will instantly recognise this house straight away, it's where they all lived whilst filming. I used to love watching this show even though some said it was an "embarrassment to wales", It was actually on the way home from the PDSA in Cardiff that we got lost and ended up turning into Bute Street that it was only then that i recognised the house was on that road haha, I thought they would of painted over the house since the show ended but they actually haven't.

  • Little River/Canal in Cwmbran - I love coming across these little rivers/canals when I'm out walking the dog, this particular one is down in one of the parks in Cwmbran, you often see other dogs jumping in and out of the water....not my dog though as she's such a wimp when it comes to water, although weirdly she does like the actual bath. Maybe that's because she is only a small dog, she's a Chihuahua cross Yorkshire terrier.

  • Big Wheel in Brighton - I took this photo whilst sitting on the beach in Brighton, it's like Brighton's version of the London eye I think but just on a much smaller scale. I didn't get the chance to go on it this time round but definitely will be on my next trip to Brighton

  • Personalised iPhone Case - If you follow my blog Instagram account or Twitter, then you would have already seen this picture, but I'm still loving the iPhone case that I brought with a voucher that I won through another blog's competition. I'm actually so tempted to purchase myself a personalised iPad case aswell from there as they are such good quality.

  • Flavoured Teas - Anyone that knows me well will know that i love trying all different tea flavours, Raspberry and Strawberry flavour is my favourite at the moment. I have yet to try the Blackberry and Blueberry tea and the Buttermint tea I'm not to sure of at the moment, but that may be because when I made it I forgot to take the teabag out after 4 minutes, and left it in for about half hour haha

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