24 July 2015

From South London To South Wales

Quote Of The Day: "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it"

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Just under 3 years ago (it will be 3 years in December), both myself and my mum decided to make the move to Newport in South Wales. This was a very big decision to make as we had been living in South London for practically our whole lives, and everything we knew we would be leaving behind this would include my sisters, nieces & nephew and for my mum it being her daughters, granddaughters and grandson.

It took a whole year of searching for the right property before we found the house we are in now, we had a look in Cardiff but decided that we didn't really like it there. We also viewed a house in Castell Coch which we absolutely loved, one of the bedrooms even had a en-suite bathroom in it. We decided that it was the house we was gonna go for, so we went back to the estate agents put the deposit and first months rent down and also paid the tenant fee's that estate agents charged. After doing all of this we then made the journey back to our home in London....a few days later we got a call from the estate agents letting us know that the landlord of that particular house had backed out and decided he no longer wanted to rent the property out (how annoying), as we then had to wait for our money to be transferred back to us before looking for property's again.

So then came another few months of searching for a new house, managed to secure a viewing on another property again with an estate agents and this was supposed to be a "2 bedroom" house, well lets just say it may aswell of been a 1 bedroom house as the second bedroom you wouldn't of even been able to fit a single bed in there haha, so we passed on that. We then decided we weren't having much luck with estate agents so moved on to look for a private landlord through the Gumtree website, and within a little while of searching we came across a house in Abergavenny, so arranged with the landlord to view that place and travelled back to wales to view it. Although the very same day another one of this landlords property's became available so we was able to view that house first before the one in Abergavenny, and i guess the rest is history we ended up not viewing the house in Abergavenny and signed the tenancy on he's house in Newport instead as we liked it that much :-). So along with a nice house we also got a brilliant landlord aswell!.

A picture i took down at Barry Island
Even though i have been living in Newport for nearly 3 years now, I still don't know that many people i guess its harder to make new friends the older you get right? And due to confidence issues and anxiety issues it just makes everything that little bit harder, but hey maybe one day it wont be that hard.

I love the lifestyle in Wales though as everyone is much more chilled out than what they are in London, I find the welsh are more polite and friendly aswell lol. Also how good does the welsh accent sound that is one thing i would love to have but i don't think my London accent is going anywhere anytime soon, I think that's there to stay!. I'm also loving the word "Lush" since moving here, ah its one of my favourite words now and although i can't speak Welsh i can know what something says in welsh if i see it, only a few though mind.

My favourite thing about Wales is the scenery whilst out walking, in London all you see is tower blocks, building sites and more house's, in Wales you get the mountain views, little canals and just basically gorgeous views everywhere....ok maybe Newport Town Center is looking like a building site at the moment where they are building the new shopping center, but that wont be for long lol.

Will Newport in South Wales be our forever home? It probably won't be but for now we are happy to be here :-)

Its views like this that i like for some reason

Do you live in South Wales?
What places could you recommend for me to go?


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