Favourite blogs in the month of June!

Quote of the day: "Do something today, that your future self will thank you for"

This is a sort of new post for me, and is something that I'm thinking about doing monthly if its something you would all like to see.

I'm gonna pick 5 different blogs that I've enjoyed reading and may put a link to a few of there blog posts that I've enjoyed aswell.

The first one up is:

I've chosen this one at its one i came across on twitter, and it was the first blog that i saw a post on Anxiety. Theres not many people who openly speak about there anxiety (me included), so it's nice for me to read how it makes other people feel and how they do and try stuff to overcome it.

I will link her 2 blog posts on Anxiety below: 

After reading these, it has made me think about doing my own post on my experience with anxiety.......but i don't think im ready to share that with everyone just yet.

Next up is: 

I enjoy reading this blog because it has a variety of posts throughout the blog, and i love her image header on her site as straight away you can tell what her blog is all about.
Now the actual blog post that done it for me is her post about her "June's Tea of The Month", just for the fact i never knew that there was a buttermint tea available.....which i now need to try!

Link to this exact post is:

So i will now be on the hunt for this tea to try next time i'm in Tesco's haha

The next one is:

This blog i happened to come across via Pinterest whilst i was searching for "blogging tips", i came across 2 different blog posts that featured a free printable and the other 10 useful apps for bloggers. I have a look through pinterest daily to learn more stuff about blogging and it's really helped me as i go on my "blogging journey" as i would like to call it.

Links To Posts:

I would highly recommend checking posts out like this, as even i didn't know some of the apps that she mentions and they can be really useful.

Next up:

This blog is a pretty recent find for me, I only found out about it after coming across her "DIY Phone Case" post. Which i loved the uniqueness of it with the added touch of a little birdhouse on the front of it. I will definitely be going back to this blog to have a look at what she posts :-).

Link to the post:

And also her recent London post, kinda reminded me of "home", as I am originally from London and lived there for 26 years before making the move to Newport, South Wales

And last but not least is:

Now this is a blog that near enough everyone would of heard about, but there's one post on there that i keep going back to every now and then to read and that is her "Panic Attacks" post.
I dunno what it is but her post is so in-depth and really helped me the first time I read it, which explains why i keep going back to it.

Link to the post:

If you suffer with panic attacks and anxiety, then do go have a read of this as it does explain it all quite well....i think it does anyway!

So there are my 5 chosen blogs for this month, I had 10 blogs altogether but I managed to get it down to just 5 otherwise this post would have gone on for absolutely ages!

Would you like your blog to feature in another post like this next month?
If so be sure to leave your links below for me to check out throughout the month.

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