30 June 2015

My Top 6 Apps

Quote of the day: "The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come"

Wunderlist - I am obsessed with this app just lately, It really helps me keep a check on what blog posts I need to write up and I also keep any blogging idea's written in there as well.

28 June 2015

Organizing: drawer space to desk area

Before I started up my blog the only time I really used my laptop, was of a night time whilst laying in bed watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and I would always end up falling asleep & waking up with the laptop on the bed next to me.
Since I started blogging properly though and really planning out everything that needed to be done, I felt I needed some sort of desk space in my room where I could sit down of a night and just type away, write away and print stuff out.
So I decided to make the area where my drawers once were into the desk area that I so wanted.

And this is how it came about, the picture below is before I even brought the desk, but I will go into more detail further on in the post.

26 June 2015

How To: Teapot Jelly Mould

Whilst I was over my aunts when I was down in London, she gave me a load of cookbooks which also included a 'Disney Cakes & Sweets' magazine along with a teapot jelly mould, as she wasn't using them no more and I love to bake things. In the first week of August I have my niece coming down to Wales for a week, so thought I would try this 'Teapot Jelly' out, just to make sure it turns out just right, as I've said I will make one with her with a flavour of her choice.

Things you will need to start
  • 1 Teapot Jelly Mould
  • 3 Gelatine Leaves (I got a pack of 6 (i think) in Morrisons for £1.59 
  • 2 135g packs of Jelly (flavour of your choice)

20 June 2015

A Trip To Brighton

Whilst I was down in London visiting my family, we decided to go on a little trip to Brighton and took my 3 year old niece with us. Left my sisters in London about 10:30am to drive the hour to Brighton, once we got there we took a walk down to the pier as it was lovely weather and let my niece have a go on a couple of rides. After about 2 rides we decided it would work out cheaper to just buy her a wristband for £7 which she loved the idea of as it meant she could go on as many rides as she wanted and however many times that she liked.
It was so nice seeing her enjoying herself and really taking in everything that was happening, and to spend some quality time with her :-)

18 June 2015

Whats On My iPhone 5s

Today I've decided to do a "What's on my iPhone" blog post, I myself enjoy watching these videos on YouTube and decided to do a slightly different version of it. 

I've got the iPhone 5s in White and Gold, and the case I have on it at the moment is just a white case with 3 little birds saying "talk is cheep". My background picture is of my youngest niece looking out at the sea with the Brighton Pier in the background.

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