March Glossybox Unboxing

This month's Glossybox is all about Empowerment, and it says "Now it's time to focus on yourself and recognize your own strength and beauty" which I think is a brilliant reminder to tell anyone who needs to focus on themselves a bit more.

I'm a bit late with this months Glossybox post, just due to my migraines getting the better of me for quite a few days, but now that it's decided to finally do one I have got a mountain of stuff to catch up on before the end of the month.

So here's what was inside my Glossybox this month...

Bella Pierre - Kiss Proof Lip Creme (Rosy Pink)
I loved the look of this product, but the color I received just wasn't me at all, I personally prefer more nude shade colors rather than in your face bright colors. I was going to pop onto the facebook group to swap it with someone else but then decided that my sister would like this shade instead, so I am going to pass this on to her to get some use out of.

ByBi - Plumper Lip Balm
This was a product I was really looking forward to trying, as I love a good lip balm for myself and thought this sounded really good.....until I read the ingredients of it. As soon as I opened it I could smell the scent of Chili, so I checked what it actually was and it was a mix of both peppermint and chili. I can't stand either the smell or the taste of chili so this one had to be a pass for me, so far that is two of the five products I have given away this month.

Laritzy Cosmetics - Dew Pot
I love these little pots of highlighters and especially love the color I received this month, I think in the summer weather this will look really nice when the light catches it. I have had a previous highlighter from the same brand, and a little bit really does go a long way, so you definitely get your money's worth from this.

Essence - Gym Proof Primer
I can't say I own many primers as the ones I have had in the past have always made me break out where they just haven't agreed with me at all. I have been trying this out for about a week now and so far my skin seems to be liking it a lot, and for just £3.50 for the full size, it's a really affordable primer to keep repurchasing over and over again.....which I think I may well be doing.

Lavera - All-Round Cream
Give me a good moisturizing cream and I am a happy bunny haha, I get really dry skin every now and then so definitely need a good moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. I love the fact that this is in a small tin so it's easy to carry around on me just in case I need a top-up of it for whatever reason, I think I may even purchase the full product once this has been used up!

March Glossybox: Unboxing

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Magnitone First Step Cleansing Brush

Firstly I want to start off by saying the content of this blog post is entirely my own content, it has in no way been sponsored, gifted or paid for. I purchased the item in this post with my own money, I just wanted to share with you the LayBuy option as I thought it was a pretty good thing to spread the cost of an item if you needed to.

Being signed up to the mailing list you sometimes get the odd emails letting you know about new products that are coming out. In one of the email's that recently came through to my inbox was from the Magnitone mailing list just to let everyone know about a new payment option that had been added to there website, this being the LayBuy Payment option.

What is LayBuy?
LayBuy is basically a credit option where you can pay for your item in six affordable payments, you have to pay the first installment when placing your order and after that, they spread the rest of the amount across six weekly payments.

What I Purchased...
I was in desperate need of a new magnitone cleansing brush, as I gave my old one to my sister after I purchased one from a different brand...which just didn't live up to what it was supposed to do. So I decided to purchase the Magnitone First Step Cleansing Brush and Wipeout Cleansing Cloth which is priced at £55.

So my first initial payment when I placed my order was £9.20 which is then followed by another five weekly payments of £9.16, I have already paid my first three payments so I only have another three to go. If you are late with one of your payments, you can be charged £6 for it which is considered a late payment fee.

The only thing I would say is only use LayBuy as a payment option if you know you can afford to repay it, don't just use it because it's there and get yourself into credit limit on there is £75, so I don't know what the maximum limit or minimum limit is, but personally I am happy just to have the £75 on there in case I do decide I ever need something in the future.

Shopping Online With Magnitone and LayBuy

Monday, 18 March 2019

Pinterest, Views, Visitors
I've always loved spending time having a little look through Pinterest, usually when I'm laying in bed of a night time and just want to find some inspiration for my blog, or things to draw. It's only been the last few weeks that I've really put an effort into arranging and organising my Pinterest and boy have I noticed a difference in my views on there!

- Board Organisation

I started off by going through all my Pinterest boards, and the ones that only had a couple of images saved I put those boards to private so I could sort those ones out last and focus on the boards that had the most content in. I decided I wanted the overall look of my Pinterest to be quiet clean, so that when someone visited my profile they weren't shoved into a world of colourful pictures straight away, now don't get me wrong I've still got some sorting out to do but I am loving the way it is all starting to look now.

- Daily Activity
If there's one thing I have learned through improving my Pinterest account, and that is being active on a daily basis. I started off by making sure I re-pinned at least 20 images a day, but now am aiming to repin at least 5 images to each of my boards....and so far I currently have 30 boards which means I should be re-pinning at least 150 pins per day! I think the most I have managed is 50 pins in a day so I am working on it slowly.

- Sort Into Sections
I then categorise my boards and then put sections inside the boards aswell, so for instance we will take my "iPhone Wallpapers" category and when you click into that, there isn't just loads of random images. It's all separated into 6 different sections as you can see below...

As you can see all my wallpapers I have saved each have there own section, so for example if someone finds my Pinterest and wants a Disney wallpaper they only need to click on the Disney section instead of scrolling through every single image. It just makes it so much easier to find what your looking for by putting them into sections.

- Re-pin Other Pins, Not Just Your Own
Make sure your also not just re-pinning your own pins that are linked to your websites, instagram, Pinterest or any other social media, be sure to also re-pin other peoples pins aswell as this shows your happy to engage and promote their content aswell as your own. I love having a good look through other people's pins especially when it's something that I have a strong interest in, as it can really help with my writing when I'm struggling a bit and having a bit of the ol' bloggers block.

If you would like to see my whole Pinterest account in full, you do so by clicking the link below:

How I Grew My Pinterest Views

Monday, 11 March 2019

Let's take a quick look on back on the month of February and see what three things stood out the most for me, I like to keep these kind of posts short and not make them too long of a read for you.

One || I finally got round to buying myself a set of the Alex drawers from Ikea, I have been wanting a set of these for years now and Ikea have just opened a brand new store down the road from me in Greenwich, and I couldn't be happier about it haha. all my beauty products are now all stored in my Alex drawers instead of taking up three drawers in the set of drawers for all my clothes, so everything looks so much tidier now......although I am tempted to get myself one more set to store all my stationery bits and pieces in aswell.

Two || February was also the month of my birthday, I'm not one to really celebrate my birthday but I did end up just going up to my sisters and ordering loads of pizza hut to be delivered. I've never been one to go on a night out as I don't really drink, so my ideal night is ordering a takeaway and chilling out watching something good on the tv...or netflix. My go to show to watch on Netflix at the moment is "Minute To Win It", it's like the UK version of The Cube and there is only 1 season and I've nearly finished watching it already.

Three || Lastly in the month of February I got to work with two brands on my blog, with one of them ending with four competitions. The first brand I got to work with was Sinivalia and Blended Valley (blog post) on some skincare and aromatherapy products, two of the products have all ready gone to two of the competition winners and the other two I haven't heard back from the winners yet. The second brand I got to work with was Prestige Flowers (blog post), who gifted me a flower bouquet from there Mothers Day range. I can say these flowers are still going strong and looking just as beautiful as when I first received them.

A Recap Of February

Monday, 4 March 2019

prestige flowers, mothers day, flowers

For most of us the next upcoming day to celebrate is Mother's Day (31st March), whether your a mum yourself, or your buying for your own mum, you just can't go wrong with a gorgeous bunch of flowers can you? I know for a fact that my mum certainly likes to receive fresh flowers.

Prestige Flowers do some amazing bouquets of flowers, the flowers that are featured in this blog post are the "Lomond" bouquet, which are an assortment of sorbet roses, shamrock blooms, germini flowers and foilage. The bouquet gets delivered in a white box but when you open the box up, they are presented in a black box which make them stand out as soon as you open them. I love little touches to packaging like prestige flowers do, as you can tell they really take pride in the way they package there flowers.
prestige flowers, mothers day, flowers

When placing them in a vase, I followed what it said on the leaflet that came with it and removed any leaves that would be below water, aswell as cutting the stems down to size at a slanted angle. Now im certainly no flower arranger haha but I did try my best to get them looking rather pretty in a vase, and so far they are lasting pretty well and even some of the flower buds are starting to open up now aswell, which I can't wait to see what the flowers look like once they are fully opened.

Although I was gifted these flowers, I passed them onto my mum as a "early" mothers day present, but I am thinking of purchasing some more from Prestige Flowers when these ones start to die out so I can see what some of there other bouquet's are like. You just can't go wrong at all with a bunch of flowers!
prestige flowers, mothers day, flowers

Have you brought anything from Prestige Flowers?
If you have, which flowers did you purchase?

Mothers Day Gifting With Prestige Flowers

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Sinivalia, Blended Valley, Aromatheraphy, Skincare

I was lucky enough just lately to collaborate on a blog post/social media posts with the brands Sinivalia and Blended Valley, and was kindly sent some pieces, Sinivalia being the skincare and Blended Valley being the aromatherapy oils. I was also sent some pieces that I could give away to you lucky lot in the style of 4 competitions, with each winner winning one piece each, keep reading to find out how to win these.
Sinivalia is a range of skincare that is completely organic and natural, and you will also be pleased to know that this brand is totally against animal testing, which I think is something we are all happy to hear.

I was kindly gifted a few of there products, six in total, in which three of these are being given away in three separate competitions over on my Instagram account over the weekend, there will be 3 winners, each getting a chance to win the product they enter for. The competitions are for the "Carrot Face & Body Oil", "Rosehip Oil" and the "Anti-aging Face Oil".

Sinivalia have a variety of products over on there website which all look and sound amazing! If you would like to check out there website, you can do so by clicking on the link below:
Sinivalia, Blended Valley, Aromatheraphy, Skincare

Blended Valley is a brand that is dedicated to those who use aromatherapy products, there blended oils are perfect for yoga practice, meditation, combat insomnia, promote relaxation, increase your energy and also to improve your general health.

I have also been sent there Chakra Oil Gift Set to give away to just one of you lovely lot! It is a gorgeous gift set that contains 7 of there aromatherapy blends, these oils are designed for both diffusers and oil burners, but can also be applied to Chakra bracelets, healing stones or crystals.

Over on the Blended Valley website, they also have a wide range of different oils for all different purposes, I would highly recommend taking a trip on over to there website if you are into using oils for aromatherapy....the sleep healing oil sounds like a pretty good one to me, as I always have trouble sleeping!

Now for the exciting bit, listed below is when the four competitions will be taking place over on my Instagram, they will each run for a total of 1 week and they also have a set of conditions attached to them which are as follows:
- Like and Comment on the Instagram post
- Follow me on Instagram - @clairejoanneblog
- Follow Sinivalia or Blended Valley 

Sinvalia Carrot Face & Body Oil - 16th to 23rd Feb
Sinvalia Rosehip Oil - 16th to 23rd Feb

Sinvalia Anti-aging Face Oil - 17th to 24th Feb
Chakra Oil Gift Set - 17th to 24th Feb

Introducing Sinivalia & Blended Valley - Plus 4 Competitions*

Friday, 15 February 2019